Abraham, whose birth name was Abram, is the eponym of the Abrahamic religions, among which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. According to both the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, through his sons Ishmael and Isaac, Abraham is the forefather of many tribes, namely the Ishmaelites, Israelites, Midianites and Edomites. Abraham was a descendant of Noah's son, Shem. Christians believe that Jesus was a descendant of Abraham through Isaac, and Muslim... View more

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Are Nephilim Good or Evil

are nephilim good or evil http://knowtheenemy.org/ As stated above from the NRSV, the phrase, "Yet you have made them a little lower than God," h...

Abraham "Father Of The Jewish Nation"

What got the Lords' attention concerning Abraham and his lovely bride Sarah? We're going to dive in and take a close look with Pastor Walker & the ...

Malayalam Quran 079 النازعات An Naazi'aat Those who drag forthMeccan Translat...

The Quran (English pronunciation: /kɔrˈɑːn/[n 1] kor-ahn ; Arabic: القرآن‎ al-qurʼān, IPA: [qurˈʔaːn],[n 2] literally meaning "the recitation", als...

J. C. Ryle ~ Fire! Fire!

On hell and the damnation of those who do not have Jesus as their Saviour...the one who alone can atone for sin and save sinners from sin / unright...

March 23rd, 2014 - God Calls Abraham-Isaac-Jacob - Landon Lynch

March 23rd, 2014 - God Calls Abraham-Isaac-Jacob - Landon Lynch

Hope Is Built on God’s Promises

Faith is the substance of our hope. Do you have promises from the Lord that are as yet unfulfilled? Most of us do. Do you believe in the goodness ...

"Okay, God. I Get It."

No one man or religion or belief system has so impacted the world as this one. Can’t ignore it. Can’t get around it. What do we do with it? (from ...

What About Life-After-Death and Near-Death Experiences?

Stories of people seeing Heaven and returning to their earthly bodies are bound to fascinate us. We want to know what’s ahead for us? What is it li...

An Invitation to the Unexpected

What is going on in your life that was totally unexpected? Where is God leading you in unexpected ways, through unexpected territory? What unexpect...

Couples Therapy - Abraham & Sarah

Couples Therapy - Abraham & Sarah

Rejected by Them But Not by Him

Have you been rejected by people you thought were supposed to stick with you? What has that done to your heart? Has is made you suspicious of God a...

Courage Makes a Difference

In our politically correct culture, how convinced of the truth are you? Are you so convinced that you will choose to courageously proclaim it regar...

God of Abraham - People of Promise

God of Abraham - People of Promise

Giants - Abraham by Garrett Booth

Giants - Abraham by Garrett Booth

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