Jesus Christ

Jesus of Nazareth is the central figure of Christianity, and most Christian denominations worship him as God the Son incarnated. Most modern historians agree that Jesus existed and was a Jewish teacher from Galilee in Roman Judaea, who was baptized by John the Baptist, and was crucified in Jerusalem on the orders of the Roman Prefect, Pontius Pilate. View more

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Gods blessings upon you all! 2 Corinthians 9:15 NLT Thank God for this gift too wonderful words.


Christophobia grips the hearts of millions today. They feel as if Christ and Christians are trying to restrict them of their choices. That simply i...

Don't Fast Pass Your Grief

There’s comfort in the fact that our Jesus knew grief. He endured times of great loss and suffering like when His cousin John — the one who prepare...

Secret story of Jesus

It's time to explore the meaning behind this remarkable documentary. Secret Lives of Jesus Christ a documentary by National Geographic. published ...

An Atheist Knocks Billy Graham

Two men, both held in high regard by the world, one held in high regard by God. (from

A Good Servant of Christ Jesus; Faithful to the Truth by Pastor Andrew

A Good Servant of Christ Jesus; Faithful to the Truth by Pastor Andrew

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Jesus who is also known as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. Jesus is believed to be a philosopher, teacher...

A Conversation With Tim Keller - Suffering

Bestselling author and founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, Tim Keller talks with OnFaith's Sally Quinn about how a go...

First Steps - the start of a new journey

The start of a journey takes only one step and sometimes those steps are backwards as mine have been many times. For years I have struggled on wha...

4/20/14am - The Coming of Jesus Christ

4/20/14am - The Coming of Jesus Christ

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Jesus is who he is. no matter what religions try to say about Christ, it will never change the truth...

A Sense of God's Presence

Kavanah literally means intention or concentration. It has to do with turning our hearts deliberately towards Jesus throughout our regular day as a...


A great person of faith once said, whoever sings once, prays twice! At Salem, we love to praise God in song, and instrumental music, too. We've d...

Knowing Jesus Christ as Lord

Knowing Jesus Christ as Lord

Good Friday Processional in San Jose, Costa Rica

In many parts of Latin America, Catholic churches recreate the Passion of the Christ on Good Friday. Crowds of people from the local community walk...

Believe: Identity and Joy

Our circumstances may produce momentary happiness, but joy is something that is born out of a much deeper spiritual place within us… when we know w...

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of God. He is our Redeemer

Characteristics of the Good Servant of Jesus Christ

Characteristics of the Good Servant of Jesus Christ

Messiahs Versus Terrorists: Prophecy and History

Rational interpretation of the prophecy of Second Coming of The Messiah

Jesus is the Christ

Jesus is the Christ

.Jesus Christ Lord and Savior the only one that stands between fallen man and...

If one rejects Christ as Lord and Savior they are not Christian plain and simple. In fact if anyone is in contradiction of any part of the Bible ...

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