National Day Of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer. designated by the United States Congress, is when people are asked "to turn to God in prayer and meditation". View more

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Elie Wiesel's Nobel Prize Speech

The Nobel Acceptance Speech delivered by Elie Wiesel in Oslo on December 10, 1986

The Story of God & My Story of OnFaith

Everyone today with a computer goes on-line to Google information. But what if you’re searching for something different, something deeper and more ...

Meet The 6 Religious Leaders Who Will Pray With Trump On Inauguration Day

The group includes two prosperity gospel preachers, one rabbi, one Catholic priest, one Hispanic Christian leader and the son of Billy Graham.

Unanswered Prayers: What's Going On, God?

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Fighting for Liberty of Conscience in a Trumped up World

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Antisemitism in the New Testament

Does the New Testament preach love and tolerance or has it been used to justify murder and oppression?

Louie Giglio’s Comments on Homosexuality in his Own Words

Giglio is only the latest religious leader associated with Obama to cause controversy.

Prayer Song

A promotional tool for the National Day of Prayer.

Obama's private Christian faith; Black pastors criticize 'Preachers of LA' (U...

1. According to The Associated Press, President Barack Obama is not an overtly religious man. He and his family rarely attend church, and he almost...

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