Constantine The Great

Roman Emperor (306-337 CE) who elevated Christianity from the status of a minority religion to a legalized one throughout the ancient Mediterranean world. View more

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Identity Theft

The greatest robbery in all of history is when Constantine stole the Jewish history and identity. THE BIBLE IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST Constantine (...

jesus message | what is a life?

jesus,jesuschrist,christ,christian,christianity,bible,gosple,bible verses,god,father,holy,holy bible,messages,meetings,christ jesus,yesu prabhu,mer...


The only way to be a real Christian is to be anointed of the Holy Spirit. This is the Seed of Jesus Christ and they will live in the new world. THE...

The Energy Crisis and Sunday Sacredness by Benjamin Roden

The Branch He - Rev. 14:16 Showing the connection between the coming...

Questions for Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians

I've got lots of questions. Help me understand.

A Rare Pope Indeed

Only three popes out of 266 have been brave enough to make significant changes in the Church’s relationship with the Jews.

GGS11pq Paul maps Gallienus to Diocletian

Watch in HD, fullscreen. Intro to Diocletian, and Paul's witty satire tracking the origin of that Emperor's regnal policies, which caused 'the cat...

The Seed of Christ

The seed is the Holy Spirit and only a Holy Spirit person can plant a seed of Christ. Bible worshippers plant serpent's seeds. THE BIBLE IS THE MAR...

First Enoch and the Old Testament Intro, Parts 1, 2, & 3 [Section 1]

Large clip playlist: Approximately 200 years prior to the birth of Jesus where there came...

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