Agnosticism is the view that the truth values of certain claims – especially metaphysical and religious claims such as whether or not God, the divine or the supernatural exist – are unknown and perhaps unknowable. View more

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If someone asked you, 'Who is your God? HD

If someone were to ask, 'Who is your God?' A Muslim response would be, 'The Most-Merciful, the Dispenser of Mercy.' According to Islamic sources,...

An Atheist Knocks Billy Graham

Two men, both held in high regard by the world, one held in high regard by God. (from

Who Was in the Manger on That First Christmas Morning?

The Case for Christmas seeks to get to the bottom of this matter by retracing and expanding upon my original investigation into the roots of this c...

My OnFaith 5: "Philosophical"

The OnFaith Five is a set of questions we all can answer to express our own relationship with faith and connect us in our search for meaning.

UNapologetic episode 2 - What About Jesus?

Think Jesus is just a story...a myth? You might be surprised to find out that even among those who are not Christians, the truth of Jesus existence...

God Is Talking... Are We Listening?

Do you hear God’s voice? Are you listening? Or does the very idea seem like schizophrenic delusions to you? Do you want to hear Him? Do you feel th...

How Rich Pastors Are Getting Richer (While Poor Pastors Stay Poor)

The U.S. government’s special tax benefit for pastors is promoting inequality among clergy..

Uber Christian

Have you ever experienced a God-blessed encounter that leaves you as encouraged as the other party? Such is the case in this simple shared car ride...

UNapologetic episode 1 - Is The Bible Real?

The Bible is often considered little more than an old book of magic and mythology. However a little consideration of the facts might point one to a...

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