April 2021

The InterVarsity Alumni Association is thrilled to recognize Kat Roffina as our first Alumni Hero! This honor will be bestowed on alumni who demonstrate exceptional commitment to accelerating InterVarsity’s mission on campus through their giving, advocacy, prayer, and service.

First, Kat Roffina said yes to mentoring a student after she graduated from Rider University in New Jersey. Then she said yes to volunteering at fall conferences. Inspired by what God was doing, Kat led a team of alumni in intercessory prayer for a large outreach event on campus. And then Kat said yes when invited to serve on campus alongside a campus minister one day a week. When that campus mininster transitioned to a new role, Kat said, “It was easy for me to say yes to serving as a volunteer staff because I had said those yeses before.”

Christine Loesser, Area Director for Central and South New Jersey, describes Kat as a joyful servant. “Ministry at Rider would feel a deep loss if Kat wasn’t there,” Christine says. “She’s an ‘all-in’ person.”

In addition to actively serving on campus, Kat gives generously, prays for students by name, and advocates for the ministry. Her enthusiasm for ministry is contagious, inspiring both students and alumni to participate in God’s work at Rider. When asked what gives her the most joy in ministry, Kat replies, “Seeing students say yes to Jesus.”

Not only does Kat serve as the primary staff for InterVarsity at Rider University, she also helps lead Access InterVarsity nationally. Access InterVarsity is an accessible and disability-inclusive space for students to belong, grow closer to Jesus, and use their God-given gifts. Kat has had a vision for reaching students with disabilities since she was a student. She currently coaches three students across the country who want to plant their own chapters of Access InterVarsity. Deb Abbs, the InterVarsity staff who spearheads this movement, says that Kat “feels like a true partner” in ministry who will jump in wherever needed.

For Kat, staying connected to InterVarsity has been “a continual reminder of grounding that I need to be with Jesus every day.” While the transition out of college can be challenging, Kat continues to find encouragement, friendship, and a place to serve in the InterVarsity community.

The InterVarsity Alumni Association is thrilled to name Kat an Alumni Hero. Her dedication and commitment to students is so inspiring. Thank you, Kat, for all the ways you’ve said yes to Jesus, students, and InterVarsity.

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