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A Glorification Of Trita And Varuna In Book 5 Explained

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Hymns of the Atharva Veda, by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1895] p. a152 p. a153 1He who with special plans and deathless spirit, waxing, well-    born, hath come unto his birth-place,   As he who shines upholds the days, thus Trita, of pure life,    bears the Three as their supporter. 2 He who, the first, approached the holy statutes makes, after,    many beauteous forms and figures.   Eager to drink, his birth-place first he entered who understands    the word when yet unspoken. 3 He who—the fluid gold, with radiant kinsmen—to fervent glow    delivered up thy body,   On him both set names, that shall live for ever: to him the regions    shall send robes to clothe him, 4 As these have gone to their primeval station, each gaining an    imperishable dwelling,   May kissing mothers of the bards' beloved bring the pole-draw-    ing husband to the sister. 5 By holy wisdom I a sage, Far-Strider! offer to thee this lofty    adoration.   This worship both the mighty eddying rivers, coming together    to this station, heighten. 6 Seven are the pathways which the wise have fashioned: to one    of these may come the troubled mortal.   On sure ground where the ways are parted standeth Life's Pillar    in the dwelling of the Highest. 7 Working, I go my way with deathless spirit: life, spirit, bodies    have gone gladly thither.   Aye, Sakra also gives his gift of treasure as when the sacrificer    meets with power. 8 Yea, the son asks dominion of his father: this they declared the    noblest path to welfare.   Varuna, let them see thy revelations: display the wondrous    shapes of times to follow. p. a154 9Halt with the milk, its other half, thou minglest and with that    half, strong! unbeguiled! increasest.   Let us exalt the gracious friend, the mighty, Varuna son of-   Aditi, strength-giver.   We have told him the marvels sung by poets. The utterance of   Heaven and Earth is truthful.