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Glossary In The Babylonian Talmud In Selection

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The Babylonian Talmud in Selection, by Leo Auerbach, [1944] Amora (pl. amoraim), interpreter, teacher, sage of the Talmud after the Mishnaic Age. Baraitha, external. Denar (pl. denarim), a silver, or gold coin. Gemara, lit. completion, also study. The commentary on the Mishna. Haggada (pl. haggadoth), homiletical portions of the Talmud, legend. Halacha (pl. halachoth), traditional law, ruling. Halizah, rite performed by a childless widow (Deut. xxv-9). Haluzah, childless widow who performed the rite of Halizah. Hanukah, the festival of the Maccabean. Haroseth, a mixture of nut fruit and wine. Issar, a copper coin 1/24 of a denar. Kab, measure of capacity 1/6 of a seah, 4 loogs. Kilbith, a very small fish. Konam, sacred, a term introducing a vow. Kor, a measure of capacity = thirty seahs. Loog, a liquid measure ¼ of a Kab. Lulab, palm branch. Maneh, a weight in gold = 100 zuz. Midrash, interpretation of Scriptures, exposition. Minah, 100 Denars. Mishna, lit. "teaching," the collection of traditional laws. Mezuza (pl. mezuzoth), a rolled up piece of parchment containing Deut. vi, 4 –9, xi, 13 –17, put on the door post. Nathin, f. nathina, descendants of the Gibeonites whom Joshua made into Temple slaves. (Josh. ix–27). Omer, first sheaf of barley offered as a meal offering to the Temple. (Lev. xxiii–10). Pandion, coin 2 issar. Peah, corner of the field. Perutha, the smallest copper coin ⅛ of an issar. Ris, a measure of distance 266–⅔ cubits. Sanhedrin, supreme court. Seah, measure of capacity 1/30 of a Kor. Selah, a coin 4 denars. Shekina, the spirit of the Lord as manifested on earth. Sinar, a girdle, apron. Sotha, wife suspected of adultery. Sukah, a hut, a booth used during the Feast of Tabernacles. Talmud, lit. study, learning, Mishna and Gemara. Tanna (pl. Tannaim), a teacher, sages of the mishnaic times. Torah, the Law, the Pentateuch. Tropaik, ½ denar, ½ zuz. Urim athumin, Oracle. Zuz, another name for denar.      

Table of Contents

Tractate Aboth
Zeraim (Agriculture)
Moed (Holy Days)
Nashim (Women)
Nezikin (Law)