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1 The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, 2 Son of man, set thy face against the Ammonites, and prophesy against them; 3 And say unto the Ammonites, Hear the word of the Lord GOD; Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou saidst, Aha, against my sanctuary, when it was profaned; and against the land of Israel, when it was desolate; and against the house of Judah, when they went into captivity; 4 Behold, therefore I will deliver thee to the men of the east for a possession, and they shall set their palaces in thee, and make their dwellings in thee: they shall eat thy fruit, and they shall drink thy milk. 5 And I will make Rabbah a stable for camels, and the Ammonites a couching place for flocks: and ye shall know that I am the LORD. 6 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou hast clapped thine hands, and stamped with the feet, and rejoiced in heart with all thy despite against the land of Israel; 7 Behold, therefore I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and will deliver thee for a spoil to the heathen; and I will cut thee off from the people, and I will cause thee to perish out of the countries: I will destroy thee; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD. 8 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Moab and Seir do say, Behold, the house of Judah is like unto all the heathen; 9 Therefore, behold, I will open the side of Moab from the cities, from his cities which are on his frontiers, the glory of the country, Bethjeshimoth, Baalmeon, and Kiriathaim, 10 Unto the men of the east with the Ammonites, and will give them in possession, that the Ammonites may not be remembered among the nations. 11 And I will execute judgments upon Moab; and they shall know that I am the LORD. 12 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them; 13 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword. 14 And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord GOD. 15 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because the Philistines have dealt by revenge, and have taken vengeance with a despiteful heart, to destroy it for the old hatred; 16 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out mine hand upon the Philistines, and I will cut off the Cherethims, and destroy the remnant of the sea coast. 17 And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.

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1 Deena E = "Israel previously had conflict with Ammon and Moab in Moses' generation. The Ammonites and Moabites hired Balaam, the seer, to curse the Israelites (Numbers 22). Because of this, God banned the Ammonites and Moabites from entering into the congregation of the Lord to the 10th generation (Deuteronomy 23:3-6). Interesting enough, God extended His grace and kindness toward Ruth (2 generations later), the Moabitess who married Boaz and forsook her homeland and customs of her people to follow after God and Naomi (her mother in law)."
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "" Ammon was a country to the north-east of Judah. It was on the edge of the desert that is east of the Jordan River. Ammon was to the north of the country called Moab. It was between the rivers called Arnon and Jabbok. The chief city was Rabbah. Rabbah was in the place that is now called Amman, in Jordan."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
3 Deena E = "The history of the Ammonites, according to scripture dates all the way back to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. After Lot, the nephew of Abraham, and his two daughters escaped the fire of the cities' destruction, the ended up in an isolated cave in a mountain outside of Zoar (Genesis 19:30). Apparently his daughters were highly concerned with preserving their father's name. So two nights back to back they got their father drunk, slept with him and became pregnant. The younger daughter bore Ben-ammi, the ancestor of all the Ammonites (Genesis 19:38)."
4 Enakshi Ganguly = ""In about 600 *BC, Ammon joined Babylon to fight against Judah (2 Kings 24:2). In 594 *BC, Ammon joined a plot to fight against Babylon. This was with Edom, Moab, Tyre and Sidon. They tried to involve Judah in that plot (Jeremiah chapter 27). The plot failed."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
5 Enakshi Ganguly = ""When the *Babylonians destroyed the *temple, the *Ammonites were glad. They took delight in the defeat of Judah. They were glad when the *Jews went into *exile. They laughed and they clapped their hands with joy. Because of this, God was angry with them."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
6 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The *Lord would send the *Babylonians to destroy Ammon. It would not exist as a country again. This happened in the year 582 *BC. This was about 5 years after the *Babylonians had destroyed Jerusalem."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
7 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The *Babylonians would either kill the *Ammonites or they would take them away as *exiles. People from the east would come and they would live in the country."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
8 Deena E = "This fulfills part of God's covenant with Abraham: Genesis 12:3 - "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee...""
9 Sara Di Diego = "Some interpreters believe the Ammonites clapping their hands was an act to irritate the Chaldeans even more, in an act similar to enraging a dog so they will destroy their prey with even more violence.  Others believe the clapping could mean in celebration of the attack on Israel, as if it was some sort of entertainment for them.Work Cited:http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-complete/ezekiel/25.html"
10 Enakshi Ganguly = ""What the *Lord says will happen. This shows that *Israel’s God is the only real God."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
11 Enakshi Ganguly = ""This was the *sin of Moab. They said that *Israel was like all the other nations. In effect, they said that *Israel’s God was like any other god. And the *Moabites laughed when the *Babylonians defeated Judah (Jeremiah 48:27). Because of these insults, the *Lord would allow Moab’s enemies to destroy it."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
12 Enakshi Ganguly = "" The territory of Moab was south of the Arnon River. It was along the lower region to the east of the Dead Sea."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
13 Sara Di Diego = "Another interpretation of this verse is that Moab and Seir said that the people of Judah were now praising idols, since from the outside it looked like Judah's god was powerless, due to their captivity.Work Cited:http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-complete/ezekiel/25.html"
14 Deena E = "The history of the Moabites, as I mentioned regarding the Ammonites, originates from the time Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed. Moab was Lot's son (and grandson!!!) His oldest daughter got him drunk one night so he would impregnate her, thus preserving her father's name (Genesis 19:30-38). Needless to say, her plan was successful."
15 Deena E = "The descendants of Ham, Noah's youngest son and father of accursed Canaan (Genesis 9:21-25), were the people who originally populated the region of Mount Seir (Genesis 14:6). Fourteen generations later, the descendants of Esau--Jacob's older twin brother--populated mount Seir (Genesis 36:8)."
16 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Armies would attack from the north. They would come into the best cities first. These cities were the border towns of Moab. They were called Beth-jeshimoth, Baal-meon and Kiriathaim. These three cities were north of the Arnon River. This had been part of the territory of *Israel."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
17 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The *Babylonians attacked Moab in the year 583 *BC. They killed the *Moabites or they took them away into *exile. People came from the east and they lived in the country. From that time, the nation called Moab did not exist."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
18 Enakshi Ganguly = ""By this punishment, people will know that the *Lord is the only real God."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
19 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Isaac had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Esau was the *ancestor of Edom. Jacob was the *ancestor of *Israel. There had always been trouble between Edom and *Israel. Edom (also called Seir) wanted to possess *Israel and Judah (Ezekiel 35:10). Edom had attacked *Israel often."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
20 Sara Di Diego = "Another interpretation of this verse is that one of the biggest sins, according to god, is taking revenge on one's brother, (or to commit an act of revenge at all). Since most of Edom's attacks on the house of Judah was due to the story of Esau and Jacob, we can deduce that god is very angry about this and decides to commit vengeance in place of the house of Judah, so they will not commit this same sin.Work Cited: http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-complete/ezekiel/25.html"
21 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Edom was the territory south of Moab. It was from the Dead Sea to the Gulf (bay) called Aqaba."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
22 Deena E = "Just adding to Enakshi's explanation, Edom makes up all the descendants of Esau (son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham), Jacob's (aka Israel) older twin brother. Referenced in Genesis 36. Edom and Israel alike are all descendants of Isaac/Abraham."
23 Enakshi Ganguly = ""God promised to destroy Edom. He would kill the people and the animals. To do this, he would use the *Israelites. The *Babylonians attacked Edom and they destroyed much of Edom. But it remained as a nation. Then in the year 126 *BC, John Hyrcanus led *Israel in the defeat of Edom. Since that attack, Edom has not existed."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
24 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Ezekiel said that this would happen in time. Then the people would know that this punishment came from the *Lord God of *Israel."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
25 Enakshi Ganguly = ""All through the history of the country called *Israel, the *Philistines had been enemies. They hated *Israel and they were a cruel nation. King David managed to beat them but afterwards they became a strong nation. King Jehoshaphat defeated them and King Uzziah made them serve him. They were strong against King Jehoram and King Ahaz."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
26 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Philistia was to the west of Judah and it reached to the Mediterranean Sea."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"
27 Enakshi Ganguly = ""So, the *Lord said that he would destroy Philistia. The *Cherethites and the people that live on the coast were the *Philistines. The *Babylonians may have destroyed Philistia. Philistia has not existed as a nation since that time."Source: http://www.easyenglish.info/bible-commentary/ezekiel25-39-lbw.htm"