1. Evangelical
Christmas is an ideal time to attract people into your church by hosting Advent activities, reaching out into the community, and making your church more inviting. Don’t miss the opportunities to introduce people to Christ this Christmas. As you celebrate and announce the birth of Christ, don’t forget to also proclaim the resurrection of Christ. […]
  1. Evangelical
In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, Christine Chappell interviews Nate Brooks and Anna Mondal about their new LifeLine mini-book, Help! Our Sex Life is Troubled by Past Abuse. Some of the issues discussed in this interview are: • The lingering physical, emotional, and spiritual effects experienced by someone who has been victimized by sex trauma and […]
  1. Evangelical
Self-reflection with devotional questions around the theme of personal evangelism is a good habit to cultivate. This kind of self-reflection allows us to look upon our feelings, actions, and thoughts around the frequency of faith sharing conversations. It allows us to see holes in our evangelism habits. We might discover a personal growth step to […]

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