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While writing my most recent book, When Disability Hits Home, I did some research which revealed statistics that saddened me deeply. Unborn children with disabilities face great danger. October Is Down Syndrome Awareness Month – When Shauna Amick learned that her preborn baby had Down syndrome, doctors pressured her to abort Sarah Hope. But Shauna […]
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The pro-life issue is elegantly simple. Ironically, this elegant simplicity is what makes the 2020 election such a dismaying choice. Most of the political issues we’re confronting in 2020 are enormously complicated. COVID is a generational health emergency, but how best to handle it? We don’t know. The health care system in America is broken […]
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For quite some time I’ve been talking about, and you’ve been praying about, my new book with Joni Eareckson Tada, entitled When Disability Hits Home: How God Magnifies His Grace in Our Weakness and Suffering. Well…it’s finally available. Understanding the purpose of God in our suffering can be like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle […]
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In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, host Christine Chappell interviews biblical counselor Shannon McCoy about her LifeLife mini-book, Help! I’m a Slave to Food. Some of the questions addressed in this conversation are: • Is overeating simply a diet problem or a symptom of a deeper, more life-dominating issue?• Why does today’s […]
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In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, host Christine Chappell interviews biblical counselor Shannon McCoy about her LifeLine mini-book, Help! I’m a Slave to Food. Some of the questions addressed in this conversation are: • Why does today’s church culture seem to be relatively silent on the issue of overeating?• Overeating: is it a diet problem, a food […]
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Today’s guest post is from Perry L. Glanzer, professor of educational foundations at Baylor University, and resident scholar with Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion. The greatest human evils and body counts of the past century—the Russian Gulags, the Holocaust, the Holodomor (the human-made Ukrainian Famine), the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Armenian Genocide, the Cambodian […]

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This is a strange and enlightening account of where Benedict de Spinoza (1632-1677, portrait above), one of the first truly radical critics of the Bible, may have gotten some of his ideas. Taken from Richard Popkin, “Spinoza and Bible Scholarship,” in Don Garrett, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Spinoza (2006): Starting with Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan, “there […]
I’m excited to share that I get to share the privilege of teaching in the Philippines. Though I’d love to visit the Philippines someday, I get to participate in this conference without even getting on a plane! Hosted by iDisciple PHILIPPINES, this online conference is entitled, “GOSPEL HOLINESS: Living a Life Distinct from the World.” […]


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