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This is a difficult season as we live with a global pandemic, painful racial tensions, an intense divide in politics, economic instability, people of color suffering disproportionately, and natural catastrophes. We’re overwhelmed by uncertainty, stress, disappointment, conflicts, isolation, fatigue, pain, loss, sickness, and fear. As we face these difficulties, I’m reminded of Lamentations 3:21–24:
  1. General Christian
Editor’s Note: This essay is taken from Keeping the Faith: Reflections on Politics and Christianity in the Era of Trump and Beyond. Each week between now and Election Day 2020, we will be sharing new excerpts from this anthology of dissent.  81% of White Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. But it was […]

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Could our nation possibly be more divided than it is today? One side of the political spectrum calls for racial justice, while the other decries concepts like white privilege and systemic racism as “unpatriotic.” One side recognizes Joe Biden as the president-elect, while the other adamantly believes baseless conspiracy theories about election fraud. One side […]



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