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Changing the Direction of Your Energy Flow – II – Manifesting

In my earlier post about changing the direction of your energy flow, it was about sending out positive energy to yourself and everyone around you, creating a forcefield through which negativity could not reach you.  I recently learned of another aspect of changing your energy flow that has a complimentary and enhancing impact on your peace and happiness.

When we seek to do or accomplish something that is important to us, we usually suffer from frustration and disappointment, and often inaction, because we are attached to these efforts and therefore feel we will be devastated if they don’t succeed, we are aware of all the things in our past experience that tell us that these efforts will not bear fruit.   In short, our ego-mind turns our effort to meet our needs into a landmine for the emotions.

What you need to do is disconnect this effort from your ego-mind, which probably requires freeing yourself from the control of your ego-mind (see my post of that title), and instead find the energy and the belief in this project in your heart, or some people might say your gut.   

Sit with this and find in your heart your belief in the project, its rightness for you.   Feel the energy that flows from that belief.   This positive energy, if it is fed and reinforced each day, will prevent the negative energy from your ego-mind or the world around you from impairing your belief in this project.   

This is not wishful thinking nor it is classic positive thinking, which is still through the mind.   Indeed, it is not thinking at all.   It is feeling through your heart.   

This feeling regarding the project is how you manifest your desire.   Manifesting is often thought to entail the actual happening of a thing.   No, manifesting is just about creating the feeling, the belief.   Which will actually make it more likely that the thing will happen, but that’s not the point.   The point is that right now, at the moment, you will be at peace because you feel regardless what your mind or the world is telling you that this will happen.

When I was meditating this morning and I recited the mantra to take joy in each passing moment, regardless what is happening, I imagined myself, as I sometimes do, in a concentration camp.   And I imagined myself having the feeling, the belief, that somehow, at some point, I will be set free.   And that feeling would allow me to deal with all the horrors of that experience because it would allow me to just be in the moment.

Manifesting is a big thing right now.   But from what I gather in watching videos, there is a great misunderstanding that manifesting means making something happen.   If that is your goal in manifesting, you will be terribly frustrated because generally we just don’t have control over whether something we want happens or not.

But if manifesting is seen as being about creating an energy that comes from your heart, then that is something you have control over, if you are free of the control of your ego-mind.

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