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Chapter 30 Who Should Blame And Condemn Other Men'S Defaults, The CLoud Of Unknowing

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The Cloud of Unknowing, ed. by Evelyn Underhill, [1922]     Who should blame and condemn other men’s defaults.   BUT I pray thee, of whom shall men’s deeds be judged? Surely of them that have power, and cure of their souls: either given openly by the statute and the ordinance of Holy Church, or else privily in spirit at the special stirring of the Holy Ghost in perfect charity. Each man beware, that he presume not to take upon him to blame and condemn other men’s defaults, but if he feel verily that he be stirred of the Holy Ghost within in his work; for else may he full lightly err in his dooms. And therefore beware: judge thyself as thee list betwixt thee and thy God or thy ghostly father, and let other men alone.

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Who Should Blame And Condemn Other Men'S Defaults

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1 Cary W = "This is such goodly counsel, for I still catch myself with negative opinions, even judgments of other's choices.  The fine line seems to be what observations and reactions I am having, knowing it is fine to have preferences for how I like to live and behave, but offering everyone else the grace to choose what they will, unless of course, they be causing another person suffering by their choices, then my judgment becomes remedy to intervene or at least warn."