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The Unbelievable and the Unthinkable

Has Jesus ever delayed after you prayed? Has He left you wondering if He knew what was going on with you? Or even cared? Has He led you out of safe...

Coffee with Sister Vassa - Saint John the Merciful

Sister Vassa talks this week in her ten minute religious, commentary, humorous web show.

Death and Immortality: God’s Amazing Lesson

Biblical laws, which, on the surface, seem archaic and bizarre, ultimately enlighten us with profound psychological insight.

Hated and Rejoicing

Video Commentary

Church pastor: The truth about my late-term abortion

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The Tablets (of the 10 Commandments)

The astonishing nature of the sapphire stone tablets bearing the 10 Commandments

Scientific Perspectives on the Scriptures: Genesis Day Three – The Elements, ...

Genesis Day Three is an account of the formation of the heavier elements in stars and supernovae, and the emergence of the building blocks of life.

When Anger is All We Can See

Author Drew Dyck describes the dangers of our rage-soaked politics.

Crossing the Faith Divide, With Technology

The time is right for thinking differently about how and where people find meaning in their lives--and how to use technology to form better bonds w...

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