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      We often ask the question, what is missing from the church today and why is it that the church today is not exhibiting the same power as in the days of Christ? I have heard this question in many occasions and must admit that I have even pondered the question in my mind. When Jesus told the Apostles to go and to preach the gospel to every creature, they all were on one accord and they all had the same agenda's. The early church was clear, follow the teaching of Christ and to go and share the gospel with those that were lost. They also performed many miracles in the name of Jesus, everywhere that they walked the enemy trembled with fear.     Todays church looks so much different, no one is being healed. People are coming to church with issues and leaving the same way that they came. Church leaders are consumed with fame and status and less concerned about the members. Most of all the church is so divided, we have so many different Christian denominations and they all feel that they are right. God is not the author of confusion so how is it that we have so many different interpretation of the same word.     It is all of a sudden very clear on why the church is lacking power today. It is not because the person that was prayed for was lacking in faith like we hear many time in ministry. The church is lacking power and a movement from God because the church is out of order. Yes, we can go to church and hear a feel good worship song or shout to an old school minister screaming across the pulpit but after all that is done, who does it benefit? It was all just all an emotional experience.     I truly believe that if the church of Christ would come together united as one, that is when will experience a mighty move from the Lord. A true move of God that will set the people of God on fire like never before. We will witness the scriptures come to life right before our eyes.

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1 Sarah R = ""The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians  - people who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." - Brennan Manning"
2 Nancy Mills Shannon = "I agree and disagree with Brennan Manning. I disagree with fake Christians being the single cause of atheism. That's an excuse people use to justify their wrong thinking and you only need to justify when you know you are wrong but want to put on a façade. I do, however, agree with Brennan about fake Christians being a stumbling block. There are always multiple sides and reasons for everything. And it's very ignorant and narrow-minded not to believe in God and Christ, but to look to imperfect people as a way justify irrationally a person's immorality and desire to remain the way they are."
3 Sarah R = "I would say this is both true and untrue. There are churches today full of real believers who live in the Holy Spirit and experience healings and miracles and words from God. There are great churches that are making a difference both in the lives of their members and in their communities. However, there are also those churches who are lukewarm in their faith and seem more like social clubs then worship centers, who are too concerned with political correctness and being liked to really stand up for Christ. Jesus is not politically correct. He said clearly that His followers would not be liked by the rest of the world - in fact He said they would be hated! If the world is not hating us,if lives are not being changed, if the Spirit is not working within us, we might be missing the mark."
4 Sarah R = "Throughout the New Testament, from the words of Jesus to the disciples to the apostle Paul, unity among believers is emphasized. As a unified body of Christ we would be more effective. Plus, how bad does it look to outsiders if we can't even get along among ourselves? People have different ideas about how to run services and congregate and music styles... that's all inessential. The majority of mainline Christian churches agree on the main tenets of the Christian faith - that God is One, that He reveals Himself in Three Persons, that Jesus is the only way to salvation, that we are all sinners in need of redemption, that we as a church are charged with making disciples. If we were to put aside the inessential differences and were to work together to really reach out to the world with the good news.... imagine what a difference we could make."