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Ancient vs. Modern Spiritualism

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So often in a lecture or a book, we hear the term "Modern American Spiritualism". Why Modern? It is Modern Spiritualism to distinguish it from the ancient form of Spiritualism, for spiritual manifestations and communications between the physical world and the spiritual world have been evident and recorded by all civilizations. In fact, every religion that has ever been, has registered Spirit manifestations. Most all of the great spiritual leaders conversed or communicated with spirits although they were called other names, such as devas, pitris, gods, ancestral spirits, ghosts and magic. Often, in the beginning of recorded history, people believed in many gods. There was a god that dwelled in all of natures manifestations, such as a sun god, a god of wind and storms, a god of earth, etc. If some problem arose, the individual or group felt that they had in some way displeased the gods. Sometimes offerings or sacrifices were made to appease the gods. Those in the past believed in many gods that were apart from them, where we in Spiritualism believe in one God, that we call Infinite Intelligence, which is All in All or within everything. The people were uneducated as a whole so much that happened must have been rather frightening, or seemed like miracles or magic. We, in Modern Spiritualism, know that all flows according to Natural Law. Where the ancients believed in the supernatural, miracles and magic, punishment and rewards, we believe in the natural, God's Laws, growth and love. We are a truth seeking religion that incorporates science and testing as a part of our philosophy. Often the people of the past thought of phenomena as the work of devils and demons. Some religions today still see communication in this manner. We know that the phenomena is a work through those in the Spirit World and that we attract to us spirit guides that correspond to the level of our vibration. Ancient (625 BC to 476 AD) humanity thought objectively. By this we meant that the early people made their reflections upon life by looking at the universe as a whole, then attempting to see the interconnections between things. The early thinkers looked at the differences between things; the realities and non-realities, then tried to figure out how the world was constructed based upon this point of view of the world. Medieval Philosophy (476 AD - 1453 AD) is considered traditional in their thinking which means that they had a set of authoritative doctrines from the past. During the Middle Ages, it is said that humanity, no matter how deeply they reflected, was constrained by a set of religious traditions and censors. Modern thought is subjective. Here we refer to an entire change in the type of intellect where the starting point is not considered the world, but the individual. We now see that truths can be found within rather than externally. Reality is personal rather than the cosmos of the ancients of the political state of the middle period. Modern American Spiritualism began on March 31, 1848 with the Fox family establishing communication with the departed murdered spirit of Charles B. Rosna. Much of the basic philosophy that we have tested was given to our pioneers through spirit communication. While Spiritualism began in America, it has spread over the entire world. Thus, to make a short phase long, this is why we call our religion, MODERN AMERICAN SPIRITUALISM.

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1 Cary W = "We are still aiming for an internal perspective, not having quite yet arrived corporeally.  The influence of outer things and opinions still has too much sway in most peoples use of thoughts and words.  Ultimately, we all will arrive at the self-responsible point of view that how we see the world and each other is entirely up to our own choice."
2 Sara Di Diego = "The two little Fox sisters sweared that the ghost of a murdered peddler, Charles B. Rosna, was trying to communicate with them.  When they started finding things about the spirit, through the communication of taps (one for no, two for yes), it founded the religion of Modern American Spiritualism.  Their older sister, Laura, started touring them around America so the sisters could communicate with dead relatives and the like.  However, skeptics decided to perform some experiments to see if the sisters could really talk to the dead.  Through their experiments, they found that the knocks coming from the dead were actually coming from one of the sister's toes.  Forty years after the first occurence, the girls confessed that they had been lying.  They claimed to be ashamed, although they had only been around 8 at the time.However in 1904 some school children found a man's skeleton in the Fox family's old house.  But there can be no proof whether or not this skeleton belonged to the ghost the Fox family talked to.Work Cited:http://www.csicop.org/si/show/skeletons_tale_the_origins_of_modern_spiritualism/"