Coffee with Sister Vassa Ep.23 (Week 4 of Lent / Cross)

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1 Cary W = "Wow, she nailed death.  The separation of soul and body, which comprises who we are, as human beings.  We all know in our depths, that death is not desired, and always causes grief and suffering.  Yeah, because, as humans, we were meant to always be, eternally.  That is why Jesus taught and performed the miracles of the reversal of sickness (slow decay or death) and death."
2 Cary W = ""Its our unique calling to connect with God....The Holy Spirit keeps us whole."  In these two shout-outs, Sister Vassa defeats all ideas of sickness and death....truly.  It is the very promises of Jesus Himself, continually speaking of giving us life abundantly, eternally, and equality with Himself in all things, good, Godly, and most blessed."
3 Cary W = "Oh my God!  I see it...the incredible, compassion desire to see all of our reason for separation, complaint, judgment could be removed with such a momentous demonstration of love such as Yours, in sending your Son for the purpose of eradicating forever any reason for guilt, complaint or separation (which is death).  Thank you for such gracious love Papa!"
4 Cary W = "We cannot know with our minds, the meaning of Christ's willing death on the cross.  It is pure morbidity to the worldly mind.From the Mind from Above, it is is perfect love in action:  My people are suffering from misuse of their God-given life and spirit, and by acting as both High Priest (one who offers sacrifice for all the peoples sin) and as the Sacrifice, God ends the cycle of sin an death forever, nailing it to the cross.  Gone!  There is now only life, dear children!"