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Usually we think of Right Effort as “doing the right thing”. We don’t usually think of cultivating joy, especially our own. We may not really know how to cultivate joy or we may think doing so is beyond us. So this September our mindfulness practice will focus on becoming skillful at cultivating our own joy. We’ll start in week one with opening our awareness to our our own goodness. Yup…you read that right…noticing how it is when we notice how good we are. It’s very important that this NOT be about giving ourselves points. Rather it is about opening, opening to every small act of goodness and every iota of good intention in ourselves. It is very hard for most of us to accept our own goodness. So our task this week is to notice and actually receive our tiny acts of goodness (letting someone merge, holding a door, rounding up at the grocery store, wishing happiness for another person, a kiss, a smile. Let’s see if we can bear our own goodness as we PAUSE (stop, breathe, relax open) throughout our day. Remembering the Task: Post reminder notes: “Accepting my Goodness” or post a selfie that reminds you of you of your goodness. Weekly Mindfulness Tasksby Kyoku Tracey WalenMindfulness is the door to the present moment. It is the habit of deliberately paying full attention to what is happening around and within us without criticism or judgment.This practice, part of the Eightfold Noble Path, is one that any of us can take with us throughout our day and know that we are benefiting ourselves, our family and many beings.As a support for all of us, we offer a weekly mindfulness task with the aim of helping each and all of us cultivate this simple, life transforming habit.