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Do Spiritualists Believe In God?

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The question as to whether or not Spiritualist believe in God is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Believe it or not, Spiritualism has its own sects like any religion. I think because Spiritualism is such a small (by comparison) religion that the differences aren't as clearly delineated as they might be say between The Catholics, The Baptists and the Evangelical Christians. Strict Spiritualists, found more in older structured Spiritualism, believe only in the hereafter. A person passes at death into another plane and there they stay for ALL eternity. There is no reincarnation or re-birth. A soul is afforded one trip through life and that's it. The place that the recently departed pass to is a nondescript existence often reflecting their earthly values and experiences. The deceased are in essence just a non-corporeal copy of their earthly body and mind. I would say that these believers are in the minority of our faith, but are nonetheless present. A much larger percentage of Spiritualists have wrapped their beliefs in a faith that they understand, say Christianity. The primary difference between mainstream Christianity and Spiritualism (outside of communication with the “so called” dead) is the central focus of God. Many Christians believe that God is separate from them, outside of their lives. The seventh principle listed in our Declaration of Principles is 'We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals. They make their own happiness or unhappiness as they obey or disobey Nature’s physical and spiritual laws.' This principle acknowledges our part in the Universe, that God's role is not to run in and set things straight for us. We have a co-existence with God, a partnership. Holding that awareness, Spiritualists (in general) do not hold a singular ideal of God. God in our eyes is less of a Man-like figure and more of a force (no Star Wars jokes, please), a universal constant. I would say that I exist in God, and he in me. I no longer imagine him to be a moody old man whose whim may send me to an eternal fiery pit upon my passing. Moreover Spiritualists do not validate their relationship to God through a Spiritual intermediary i.e. a priest, a deacon or even a pope. We encourage our members to explore their relationship with God (or any name they choose to use) in hopes that this becomes a life-long journey of growing in understanding of our relationship to whatever is this force is in which we live and breathe. In this context, God becomes a living presence in everyone and all things. The messages that come through in our Church are usually life affirming and positive because we believe in our own power to create our own happiness, or unhappiness. As for me, I believe strongly in God... and I find him every day in those I teach and counsel.