Ep.52: Coffee with Sr. Vassa & Steven Christoforou

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1 Cary W = "Why does anyone leave Wall Street?  Anyone of true faith would know immediately.  Jesus Himself became and associated with the least among us, and so should we.  At least from time to time, calling to calling.  As Saints in Christ Jesus, we may be lead on very unusual, unconventional paths, yet how else shall we share the good news of God in Christ as man and God?"
2 Cary W = "One can get the feeling that these two hosts of different internet shows, simply want to share the love and experience of Christ, without any real push toward their own affiliations.  Cool!"
3 Cary W = "Be the Bee, simply means to go out from flower to flower in life, pick out what is good, and leave the rest behind, then go share that good with the rest of the world.  Mmmmmm....such good, sage insight!"