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Families need help to teach the desire to believe everything God wants everyone to believe.

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Subject: I have a simple idea that I believe should be supported by all good people of all faiths who believe their faith is the one faith God wants all to believe. So far, no one supports or opposes it, complete silence. It is as if they are all afraid of where God will lead all people once someone publicly supports it. I hope you are not so afraid. Thank you. Douglas Kraeger 315 534 4103 June 27, 2015 Eph. 5:25, Husbands, love your wife..... I have a simple idea that I believe should be supported by all good people of all faiths who believe their faith is the one faith God wants all to believe. To build up the foundation of civilization (the family) with a simple, new paradigm for helping spouses to do what they should be doing but many are not, to wash each other with a "bath of water with the Word" (Eph. 5:25) (truths that God has revealed that He wants all to know and believe)" and by helping them demonstrate a true love of (all) truth so that they may be saved (2Thes. 2:10) "A Poster and slip of paper" idea: to help all laity and all ministers of all faiths in the sure faith God will lead all to the one Faith He wants all to have by HIS peaceful means because God must be infinitely powerful enough to convert the whole world to the one faith He wants each and every person to accept by His grace coupled with His answers to all questions. Please: How can this be improved? (These 3 pages contain the “meat” of the idea) Suggested Poster for all churches to put up and remind people of periodically: "All truly good parents are seen wanting to pray ever more perfectly, are seen washing each other with a “bath of the water with the Word” (the way God wants it done) and committing themselves to a lifelong effort at being open to all Truth from God, through anyone. All truly good parents are seen eager to know and believe whatever it is that God wants everyone to know and believe and therefore these parents, in order to share them with others but especially with their children, are looking for GOD’S ANSWER to the best sequences of questions from people of all faiths with the best verifiable information and who are eager to share such in the sure faith that God’s answers for these questions will lead all, by peaceful means, to the one Faith God must will all to have and for them to thereby reject violence and all man made additions to this Faith. There are many in this church eager to help and encourage all spouses to wash each other with a "bath of water WITH the Word” the way GOD WANTS IT DONE (and they have some very good suggestions for questions and ways to do this) and to help anyone start or continue in this quest to pray as perfectly as possible and in the lifelong search for Truth and to help any who are now seeking to find everything God wants everyone to know and believe, one step, one question at a time." (names, telephone numbers, email addresses) Do you see the potential for good if a few lay Christian groups (Knights of Columbus, St. Joseph Society, and non-Catholic groups) started working together and expected their ministers to support this idea? What minister would explicitly, publicly say, “I do not want to publicly, explicitly encourage husbands and wives to wash each other with a 'bath of water with the Word' the way God wants it done"? Obviously people will eventually know everything in the poster no matter how long it is if the minister makes a monthly, strongly worded comment reminding all that there are members of the church who are eager to help anyone find God's answer to all questions from anyone. Parents and children will each know (because the poster and the monthly reminders put a "spotlight on the parent's actions") whether or not the parents are, or are not, doing what they should already be doing but many times today, in this world, are not doing (washing each other with a bath of “water with the Word” and eager to know and believe all that God wants all to know and believe). Is this not a good way for ministers to frequently remind all (without pointing a finger at any one person) of the importance of truly accepting the love of, and therefore being open to truth, from God through anyone and eagerly seeking ALL the truth that God wants all to love so that they may be saved (2 Thessalonians 2:10)? If you cannot think of a better way, and this idea might help many, many parents, and many children, should you pass this on so others can help improve it? To help ALL parents be better helpers of their children, ONE STEP AT A TIME. This idea has three aspects: 1. A poster (similar to the one on page one above) in all churches, put up by their minister for passive but powerful reminding of what everyone can know for certain that they SHOULD be honestly trying to do better and better doing. 2. Superb questions (God’s questions) that will improve with each succeeding generation with verifiable evidence on slips of paper with a web address 3. all ministers of all faiths will be expected by their flocks to publicly show they trust God's answer to all such questions will lead people, by God’s grace, to the one faith God wants all to know and accept (or explain why they do not), and each minister will be expected to make available their own sequence of questions or endorse other sequences. I believe this idea cannot be publicly opposed by any leader of any faith, and all will publicly support it (maybe some because they will not want to be seen not supporting it) once a few religious leaders PUBLICLY call on all other religious leaders to support this. How has your Priest or Minister explained God’s meaning and the practical implementation of Ephesians 5:25? “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her to sanctify her, cleansing her by the bath of water with the word”. What does God want husbands and wives to do in order to bathe each other with "the bath of water with the word” and to pass the desire for such bathing onto the next generation and all their friends and their children? Are there any problems facing families today that a healthy dose of Husbands and wives washing each other with a “bath of water with the word” would not help alleviate because of the graces God would likely send in response to such washing? Second aspect of Idea: Slips of Paper to help evangelize others and especially children? The second aspect requires the minister or a moderator (or team of moderators) who will write, or find, and post suggested sequences of questions (with verifiable, unassailable evidence) on a particular part of the church webpage (numbered and grouped according to topic) for people to be able to read and print out the questions on slips of paper and carry them in their wallet or purse. Then, when a person has an opportunity to dialogue with someone, (for spouses to share as they wash each other with "a bath of water with the Word, or when a parent and child have "one of those" discussions) they have these carefully worded, superbly well thought out questions, that they can hand to the other person and ask them if God might want to give them HIS ANSWER to this question and if they should therefore seek and find God’s answer to that question in their heart in the security of their home. The intent of each question will be to help people (spouses) take one step at a time, one issue at a time, towards believing whatever God wants everyone to know, believe, and understand the way GOD WANTS IT UNDERSTOOD BY ALL, rather than trying to get them to read an entire book (which is a very good thing but few do this today). There will be groups and individuals who will offer services (almost always free) where many different approaches to questions on each particular "step" are put side by side for comparison purposes. Parents, especially fathers, will be expected to arm their children with the best examples and to demonstrate being open to knowing and believing everything God wants all to know and believe and to help their children check out the arguments, questions, posted by other faiths to see if they have any questions that God's answer to seems to appear to lead to this other faith only. Hopefully, many people will include related questions to be found on the web page also listed at the bottom of the slips of paper. Think if all religious schools made sure that all children knew where to go for the best questions for people of any faith. This idea does not negate everyone’s responsibility to know their faith and be eager to share it. It merely helps them be better armed, gives them a sense of confidence, so that even if they do not have all the answers at any given time (fear of which keeps many from engaging in dialogue) they know that they are armed with several well worded questions that the other would know they should seek God’s answer to, and which we can be hopeful will lead them to the One Faith God wants all to have when they find His answer to all questions, hopefully checking out the web address on the slip of paper. I have "responded" to some possible objections to this idea on my blog at eternalvisionfarmer.blogspot.com So far, no one has responded in support or in opposition to this idea, silence. If some publicly support some form of the poster I suggest, who will publicly refuse to join in and look like they do not believe their faith is the one God will lead all to? Is everyone afraid of where God will lead all with His answers to His questions? Do you have some hope that your faith is the Faith God wants all to accept? Is there any reason why you should not at least pass this along? Thank you Douglas Kraeger 4866 Indian Town Road, Vernon, New York 13476