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Do you agree that our view of Christianity must move beyond a very individualized, personal relationship that is “between me and God,” to the realization that “God is” no matter the circumstances? Why or why not? What dangers lurk behind a belief system that rests primarily on personal experience or feelings? God Has Spoken Read: 2 Timothy 3:16-17, and 2 Peter 1:20-21 Simply put, the Bible is the rock on which the Church stands or falls. It is the ultimate authority for all Christians — Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox alike. It is revealed propositional truth. The texts were written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and thus are revealed to us. It is propositional because it makes a series of claims. It is truth because it is from God, and thus must certainly be true; God could not have spoken something that is not true because that would be contrary to His nature. This is why all true Christians take the Bible as their ultimate authority — and why no Christian should ever be hesitant to defend it.

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1 Sarah R = "While each person needs to have a personal faith in Jesus, once we take that step into faith we become part of a family. That family is very important to helping us to grow in our faith and to stay on target. The believer who tries to walk alone will more than likely fall. Just as no soldier goes into battle alone, so no Christian should walk alone either."
2 Sarah R = "The Bible is the very Word of God. People might say, God never speaks to me, but really - He has already said everything He needs to say - and we have it all recorded in His Word! Need to hear from God... open the Bible and begin to read the words He wrote for you."