Great Lent - Alter Your Perception

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1 Cary W = "The prayer of dedication, cited in this work:"O Lord and Master of my life!Take from me the spirit of sloth,faint-heartedness, lust of power, and idle talk.But give rather the spirit of chastity,humility, patience, and love to Thy servant.Oh Lord and King grant me to see mine own errors and not to judge my brother, for Thou art blessed unto ages of ages. Amen" - St. Ephraim the SyrianAs Lent begins let us not focus on self-denial, but instead "Alter Your Perception" and become transformed through Christ."
2 Cary W = "May this attitude or devotion be ever stirred in our hearts and minds, so that through singular devotion, we may behold Him Who is Lord and Who so graciously imparts all He is unto us."
3 Cary W = "If we encounter a problem, imbalance, illness or sin, be it our own or another's, it is still our problem, for it has shown up in our life for the very reason of being confronted and transformed.  In this way, we take on the Mantle of Christ, and choose to be His light in the darkness we encounter.  Amen."