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As for this business of 'fearing God'.. some of you 'Christians', and others, are the sad victims of 'mindwarp', an unfortunate aspect of mental and emotional indoctrination..!! 'Real God', which is the Ultimate and True version of that which actually Is, or is Not, that which we might call 'God'..?! Real God does Not 'judge' anyone, nor condemn them, nor 'punish' anyone..!! NO 'hell', No 'devil', No 'sinners' or 'sin'..!! Sorry, sadist 'Christians', "Muslims', and others, you can not consign other people to 'eternal pain and punishment', No One Goeth To No Hideous Hell, Ever..!! Therefore, you need not 'fear' any God, at all..!! We are entertainment for the Gods, so to speak..!! We make the surface of the Earth more interesting, even fascinating..!! Real God, by the way, Is Exactly That Which IT Happens To Be, whatever IT may be, of course..!? Real God is Pure Intelligence, Understanding, an Artist, an Inventor, a Genius, a Scientist..!! [We are like ants, trying to contemplate the humans.. quite impossible..!? Even so the human might find it to be Very Difficult..!! to contemplate or comprehend That Which Really IS..!?]. No One is obliged to 'believe' any of this, of course..!! Perhaps it is all 'quite irrelevant..!! However, it is Illogical to 'fear' any God, even those who strike us dead, causes plagues, hits us with lightning, sends us to hell..?! But please, don't continue to 'believe' all that ridiculous 'crap' any more, it makes no sense..?! --==O==--