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1 Sarah R = "Jesus commanded us to go and make DISCIPLES - not converts. There's a big difference."
2 Sarah R = "Counseling after salvation is important. Often times we have altar calls, bringing people up to the front of the church or assembly to accept Jesus, but then send people back to their seats. This perpetuates the idea that that is all that needs to be done. As Dr. Stanley shares, there is so much more to the faith! Churches should consider escorting those who come forward to an altar call to a room at the side in order to spend even just 10 minutes with them (or better yet, an hour showing this video, but most people won't want to stay that long) explaining the meaning of being a Christian and providing them with opportunities for next steps."
3 Sarah R = "The church today, under pressure from societal pushes to be politically correct, seeker friendly, and non-offensive, has downplayed sin and the consequences of sin. You don't hear fire and brimestone sermons anymore an our churches are full of every kind of sin imaginable. This dilutes the gospel. Churches that decide to follow along this pathway are likely full of unsaved people because they have completely missed the point. Church is not about us, after all. It's about God."