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1 Kaleb Thomas Clare = "To act "impulsively" has often received a poor reception ... thinking it necessarily is the sign of irresponsibility - yet some of the most heroic deeds were done impulsively ... some of the greatest poetry and most accredited novels were written in sheer "impulse of mind" ... some of the deepest love affairs and miracles of the heart were accomplished through it ...  Yes ... there is something to be said about the sheer and utter impulsiveness of the human heart and mind ... it IS, in fact, the "way of the saints and the sign of a life totally attuned to its Source".  G_D is that way, don't you think? So intoxicated with H_S Creation is He that sheer Divine Delight and utter Holy Hysteria is bathed upon H_S Creation that HE would enjoy nothing less than our utter sheer and hysterical delight in H_M should be our Answer to H_M ...  I'd like to think so sometimes ... but then again .. maybe that too is "just an impulsive thought ... " (smile)"