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1 Michelle King = "Indoctrination is a powerful force and requires substantial belief revision. Great video. Thanks for sharing. "
2 Gabriel H = "Is atheism a sin? What a good question. the simple answer is yes. But why? well, i could ask things like "Which one requires blind faith. That the world and all this, based on series after series of accidents, just came into existence. Or that a higher, more intelligent being created all this?" think about that. Also, let me use and atheist argument and apply it to something today.  You walking on a beach, somewhere, and you see a watch on the shore.  Now, what do you think? "Oh wow, some how the sand and water mixed with the wind and sun somehow caused this watch to come into existence". Now we can tell, that this is a stupid statement.  If you see that watch, then you know someone(an intelligent being) took the time to make it.  Of course your first thought is gonna be " i better return this watch. Who's is it?" But it's just assumed that someone made that watch.  Even if we can't observer that watchmaker in anyway and if ever meet that watchmaker."