It Takes "Insanity" to Change A World

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It Takes "Insanity" to Change A World

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1 Kaleb Thomas Clare = "It takes "insane" people to change the world ... because to think one person IS capable of such a feat DOES APPEAR to be insane ... insane enough to become a beacon to a way so strange to the world it seems ridiculous and perhaps even profane to many others.  Yet ... is it not really the "crazy ones" today who somehow become recognized as the geniuses of tomorrow? Aren't most all the most insane ideas somehow become the greatest strides man ever took that advanced his evolutions ... pervaded his revolutions ... and paved his way into tomorrows that only SEEMED impossible for a little while but soon became his greatest achievements yet?The greatest stride a man can take is to awaken more his mind that through his subtle awakening his genius is awoken with him.To change the world the slightest bit but takes a slight adjustment within the architecture of his mind - his willingness to first see things anew and look at them as if then for the first time.And like a ripple then upon the Mind of Man ... one man's altered thinking WILL quiver and percolate an "Ahhh" that will rush and roll and reason a Whole New Way of Being ... and WILL change the World Completely ... and World a Change entirely quite New.YOU can be that Insane Genius even in this Moment. You can Genius a You so entirely fashioned from the Essence of Who You Are that LOVE becomes your Insanity and your insanity "Be's" your love.You can make compassion for your brother so entirely unreasonable that Reason Itself reveals the compassion simply because It has no other Answer.BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE... and the WORLD will see It with You!Read All About ItWhy wait? Why make tomorrow the day you Will Be the Love You Are and show Yourself Completely ... when today itself is Ripe with Reason to be Insane with Who You Are ... and waits but for You only to awaken to the Genius of What It Made You ..."