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1 John Alan Shope = "Wonderful video.  It is unfortunate that most Christians are not familiar with these parallels. I'm personally convinced that Jesus did encounter Buddhist monks as a young man and was deeply influenced by them. The Christian story of Three Wise Men from the East visiting Jesus at his birth, most likely had it's roots in a much later encounter between Jesus and Buddhist monks.  In my humble opinion, Jesus was more Buddhist than Christian.  I even wrote a poem expressing this idea,"
2 Cary W = "Both Jesus and the Buddha Shakamuni taught freedom from bondage and suffering.  In this one intent, they both serve the same cause, to assist every single person on the planet toward unity with Source!"
3 Cary W = "Aside from the profound revelation Christians hold to in their Savior and Lord Jesus, Buddhism and Christianity both have many similarities in attitude toward love and compassion being the fruit of true spirituality."
4 Cary W = "This is a good point made that any who are sincerely desiring in their religious practice to better themselves, release all suffering and offer better service to others, shall find kindred hearts in every path of life."