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The wild one There came a point in time when a madman, a wild child rose up and challenged all that was holy and sacred. He was an itinerant preacher, a rabbi, who gathered around him all sectors of his world. He gathered a wild bunch around him, all sectors of this world; trades people, politicians and other whores. People who had to visit him under the cover of darkness and all of these he greeted and invited to a meal with him. Even those who he knew would ultimately betray him, he invited them to share a meal, as he still does today. These wildlings are invited. And now 2000 years later, we are the representation and embodiment of those wildlings, we are the successors. It is to us that this charge has been passed. “This bread is my body to be broken for the world. Remember me when you break bread. This wine is my blood. Remember me when you drink wine”. So we remember Jesus, and declare ourselves imitators of Jesus, the wild one who loves wildly and indiscriminately. And we declare ourselves to be members of the wild community that he founded. In eating this bread and drinking this wine, we invite the wild Wind of the Spirit to blow through us and through the world, disturbing us, shaking up our order and authority wherever they stifle love, joy and creativity. But as we partake in our joy of that wild child, we have to remember our place in his calling. We have to acknowledge our roles and or duties as he outlined. All of these metaphors are wonderful and inspiring, my church calls for us to make disciples. But I have no interest in that. My preference is to look at what this man said and apply it today, right here, right now. It is time for all of us to get a little wild and crazy, frankly it’s time for all of us to get off of our asses and look at what needs to be done. It’s time to overturn the tables in the temple, evict the money changers, the dove sellers and the false prophets (in modern terms that is the false prophets of Christ, who care more about dollars and influence, than what Christ taught). If we are to create disciples let’s make them in that image. That image of a wild man who cared more about his people than his comfort. Let’s take those around us and unify them into a force that is concerned about the welfare of God’s creation far in excess of concerns about greed and self service. Let us join with our neighbors, our brothers and sisters to all work to aid the lesser among us. Let us unite our communities towards that common goal of indiscriminate love.

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1 Rev Donna P = "This paragraph is my "CALL-TO-ACTION"! I would like to use it in my next message, with your permission and of course, your acknowledgement. I will be using, as one of my scripture references, Romans 7:6"
2 Heinz Weverink = "Please feel free to share and to call as many to action as you can.  That was my intent."
3 Michael McKissick = "Thanks for this reminder of what Christ was like. Its easy to forget that he was disdained by the political and religious rulers, and the he lived a countercultural life by spending his time with the marginalized. He truly was "wild.""
4 Heinz Weverink = "Many of my recent posts and comments all deal around this central theme.  Am I advocating a revolution?  No, not really.  I'm suggesting that we carry on a revolution that started 2000+ years ago.  I'm suggesting that we cast aside the shackles of religious dogma and the tyranny of political parties.  I'm suggesting that we retake our world, take care of our brothers and sisters, protect the creation and invite all of our political wannabe leaders to take a one way ticket straight to hell, the hell that they have created."
5 Dharma D = "Let us wish Hell upon no creature."
6 Heinz Weverink = "I do not wish Hell upon anyone.  But there are those who have created a version that they are fond of.  So fond that they push it upon us.  If that which they have created is so great, let them be the first to enjoy it."
7 Dharma D = "I will certainly stipulate: There are those Hell-Creators whose aim often appears to be to take everyone else with them, as well as those who would like to send us ahead. I was just telling my sister on Wednesday that "Karma" is relatively well summed up as "and as he sow, so shall yet reap"."