Love Waiting - Holy Saturday

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1 Cary W = "Jesus, so lovely, he even bears our sense of separation and forsakeness with God.  You know the agony you feel when separated from a loved one, especially by death.  He felt everything we do.  God was and is one of us!"
2 Cary W = "He is always hoping we would just stop our ways for a moment, and just ask for help, let Him in, ask Him for insight, relief or guidance about our issue or dilemma.  We have been gifted a personal encounter with Christ Himself, via the Holy Spirit whom He gave us at His ascension.  No matter the pain, problem, may we like Joseph stuck in a well by his own kin, rise to see God not only deliver us, but set us in high places."
3 Cary W = "So many times in anguish, we pray to hear Him, see Him, be comforted by Him, and we are met with Silence.  He is often silent in our sufferings, for He knows we are the brink of His own suffering, and just a little beyond that, we find His Peace, Victory and Silent Glory."