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It has been a lifelong struggle, and tremendous damage has been and still is done, by so-called Christians saying one thing, and yet, doing another. When we have faith and belief in God and call ourselves Christians then we have responsibilities. We are responsible to ourselves, to God and to our community. We are to live lives of consistency and integrity – and in this way we safeguard the “name” of Christ – whom as Christians we represent along with His church. We should at all times be conscious of the sin in our lives and when we see it – confess it out of reverence to our God. I always understood that I was as a child of God to urge my fellow brothers and sisters to live lives that please God, to encourage, not to judge. None of us will reach perfection. We are to forsake the old life and take on a new life and grow in our reverence for God. This new life is impossible to live without the Holy Spirit within us. We need our fellow brothers and sisters to encourage; we need each other in this journey to help us, not to judge us, for only God can do that.