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Methodist FAQ: Beliefs

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Why does The United Methodist Church ordain women? Clergywomen have been part of Methodism since John Wesley licensed Sarah Crosby to preach in 1761. What is the creed of The United Methodist Church? The original creed dates back to 1908. In 1972, it was completely redesigned and renamed the Social Principles. Why do we say creeds? What is a creed in the United Methodist Church? Do United Methodists believe that animals have souls and go to heaven? What do United Methodists believe about animals? What does The United Methodist Church teach about the second coming? Learn what The United Methodist Church teaches about the second coming. How is cremation and organ donation consistent with resurrection of the body? The United Methodist Church accepts cremation and organ donation. Does The United Methodist Church believe that babies are born in sin? The ancient teaching of the church on this is called the doctrine of original sin. What is the United Methodist view on suicide? Learn more about the United Methodist stance on suicide. Why do we say we believe in the “holy catholic church” in the Apostles’ Creed? This refers to the universal church rather than a specific branch of Christianity. An angel in the Recoleta Cemetery (Spanish: Cementerio de la Recoleta) located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cemetery is located at the church of Our Lady of Pilar (Nuestra Señora del Pilar Basilica) which was built in 1732. Do United Methodists believe in saints? The United Methodists believe in saints, but not in the same manner as the Catholic Church. We recognize Matthew, Paul, John, Luke and other early followers of Jesus as saints, and countless numbers of United Methodist churches are named after these saints. What happens after a person dies? Do they go directly to heaven or hell or do they go to a holding place until Christ returns to earth for the final judgment? Do United Methodists believe “once saved, always saved” or can we “lose our salvation”? Only God can initiate salvation. But only by our ongoing, living relationship with God through faith can God's saving intention be fully realized in our lives. Do United Methodists believe that faith in Jesus Christ is necessary to go to heaven? Learn what United Methodists believe about salvation. Does The United Methodist Church believe in universal salvation? Learn more about The United Methodist Church belief in salvation. Where does the “Rapture” fit into United Methodist beliefs? Methodism has a lot of diverse viewpoints among its churches and members, and so I have no doubts that many pastors and churches are tuning in to this speculative phenomenon. However, it is not central to our approach to discipleship and our theological framework. What is the official stance of the church on the end times? Is the concept “saved, born-again” unique to evangelicals or Baptists? Does it apply to Methodists? United Methodists are evangelical! From its beginnings, Methodism has always been part of, and often at the vanguard of the broader movement within Protestant Christianity called "evangelicalism." Wikipedia defines "evangelicalism" as: a tendency in diverse branches of Protestantism, typified by an emphasis on evangelism, a personal experience of conversion, biblically-oriented faith, and a belief in the relevance of Christian faith to cultural issues. (http://wikipedia.com/wiki/Evangelicalism). What does it mean to be saved, to accept Jesus as your personal savior? The phrase being saved in the Christian tradition carries with it the obvious assumption that someone is in need of rescuing. It implies that one needs to be freed from imminent danger; that a life is imperiled; that dreams, hopes, and aspirations are all very near to being lost. Being saved in the Christian faith is really a two-part experience: being saved from something and being saved to something. Did people go to heaven before Jesus? The life of Jesus created a new understanding of heaven.