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Mother Teresa on the Family

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“Love begins at home, and destruction and hatred begin at home also.” Let us bring Jesus in their families by consecrating them to the Sacred Heart, by teaching them to pray the Rosary, by bringing prayer into their lives. Priests used to do that before so easily, used to come in the family and be with the family and pray with the family, consecrate the family to the Sacred Heart and this has to come back. And I ask you to help us to consecrate the families to the Sacred Heart because if we bring Jesus back in their lives, we will bring peace, joy and holiness.

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1 Sarah R = "To "consecrate" means to make sacred. How can we make our families sacred? By being an example of walking in faith, by teaching the faith, by taking them to church, and by praying for them regularly."
2 Sarah R = "Many studies have shown that families who are involved in church have children with lower rates of juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, and teenage drug and alcohol use. Families that go to church together and practice faith together, stick together."