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My vision for a healed, transformed world.

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Oprah's upcoming BELIEF series is asking unitive voices to share answers to a few questions about a transformed world. I am posting a few of my responses here, and elsewhere. Question 1: What is your vision for a healed, transformed world? My response: My vision for a healed, transformed world is one in which our various religions no longer feel the need to compete one against the other. In a transformed world, people from any belief system can see each religion as one particular culture's attempt to meet a universal human need. All cultures down through the ages, and in every part of the world have developed some form of spirituality or religion to satisfy this need for connection. No one religion contains the only truth. The sooner we can dispense with the illusion of our particular religion being a source of absolute existential truth, the sooner we can experience a healed world. And the sooner we can accept each religion as a spiritual tradition honored by a given culture, not for its tenets and dogmas, but instead for the way it brings meaning into the lives of its people, the sooner we can experience the type of spiritual transformation that is the hallmark of spiritual maturity.