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Personal Ascension

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1 Kaleb Thomas Clare = "It is no longer necessary for man to leave his body in order to make his Ascension manifest.Through willingness to raise our own internal vibration and immerse ourselves into "the Light", we are capable even now of making Personal Ascension a "thing" of real tangible immediacy.This can be accomplished by the willingness to simply take the time to go within ... releasing our Mind of "little.thoughts" (namely, thoughts of judgment and any idea that surfaces within my thinking that continues to invest in a "me", "us vs.them" ... the suspicious supposition that "separate-ness" has any real value).To greatly increase the immediacy of my own Personal Ascension from the muck and mire of such little thoughts as these my devotion to my Brother's Ascension will greatly increase my Internal Vibration to such degree as would make the Light in me more brilliant shine and cast away the shadows that have shrouded it for awhile ... transforming my little idea "I am my brother's keeper" into the Sacred Holy Wholly Sacred Truth ... "I AM My Brother".He and I are the same ... We Are One. Different goals (one for him and another for me) will blend and blossom into "The Common Goal" - to recognize in the Same Holy Instant that ... there is but One Son of G_D... One Answer. . One Ascension.  󾭺 Personal Ascension 󾭺We go ... to G_D... together ... or go not at all ..."