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Pontius' Puddle

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1 Yaakov ben Chaim Tzvi = "This is the task of man; to "perfect" that which God has created so that we can become His partner in creation. If God would have created the world without suffering or pain, and only pleasure (such as with Adam in the garden of Eden) then anything we receive is "bread of shame" for we don't earn what we are given. God, by design, enables us to earn reward for what we can accomplish so that we can feel as if we are maximizing our potential. Similar to a parent who does not wish to spoil his child by making them do chores to earn reward. Yes the parent can give the child everything "for free" but that is detrimental to a child's personal development. Only when the child earns reward by working and doing chores do they feel they accomplished something in life. This holds true for the relationship between God and Man."
2 Misty Bowman = "Ask not what your god can do for you..."