Premamati Mosque at Golcaonda Documentry D.Ravinder Reddy Ravistudios

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The Premamati Mosque stands on a hillock overlooking the Taramati Baradari. The mosque was built around 1625 A.D. and it was attributed to a courtesan during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah and Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah. The mosque has a facade of five arches without any minarets. Bilgrami, in his book ‘Landmarks of the Deccan’, associated the Baradari and the mosque with both Taramati and Premamati.Tombs of both the courtesans are seen near the Qutb Shahi Tombs (1662 A.D.). These monuments are located at distance of nearly 10 km from the centre of Hyderabad city, are well accessible by road and well maintained by the Archaeology department of Telangana."Source:"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "Courtesans, or dancing girls (had various names in regional tongues, depending on the area), were temple dancers as well as courtly dancers. They performed, sang and danced, and prostituted to patrons. They received money, gold, clothing and food from religious sites, the King, and the official government. After the British took over, these women were marginalized to only sell their bodies, and did not have the same rights acknowledged by the government.  "
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Premamati was one of the favorite courtesans of Abdullah Qutub Shah, the Seventh Qutub Shah. When she died, her body was buried in the royal cemetery of the Qutub Shahi kings.Premamati's Mosque is situated on the road from Golconda to the Himayat Sagar Lake, in Hyderabad. Taramati's Biradari, noted for its unique Hindu and Persian architecture, is another spot worth visiting. It is located on a hillock opposite the mosque."Source:'s-Mosque-26006.htm"