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Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

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In 2015, the number of forcibly displaced persons around the world exceeds 51 million, including some 13 million refugees who lack access to the most basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, safe shelter, health care, education, and protection from conflict, war, and violence. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in March 2011, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has been engaged in responding to the needs of displaced persons and refugees. The response has been in collaboration with and support of ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) members and other ecumenical partners who are providing relief to refugees in neighboring countries and to internally displaced Syrians. PDA has also been providing direct assistance to our mission partner, the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL), which is also providing relief and care. Rebuilding begins in Homs, Syria PDA committed $100,000 to help restore permanent infrastructure within the country, and is now committing $75,000 to help with schools. Syrian refugee resettlement in the United States In addition to providing funds for humanitarian response for Syrians overseas, PDA is working with our partner in refugee resettlement, Church World Service, to resettle Syrian refugees who are coming to the United States. 1,000 Syrian Refugees have now found a new home in the US, but more are ready to come. Help them find peace and a new hope this World Refugee Day. To find out more about supporting refugees in your community please contact Susan Krehbiel.