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Racism in Religion

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Racism in Religion By: Imam Warithuddeen Mohammed (raa) Most of the culture of Western man comes from outside of the European people. The European people did not have much of a culture. Only very small parts of Europe had some culture and it is because the climate did not permit it. If you are facing cold weather all the time you do not have time to think about making all of these little nice drinks and a lot of fancy clothes. You want to stay warm. You want to get that meat, hunt it and get it quick, bring it in and eat it. You do not want to go outside and socialize. It is too cold. Europeans did not really come alive until others came in among them; then, they went out among others. They were held back for a long time. So, when they came out they were angry and aggressive. But see how just G_d is? If He caused you to be denied, He made you to make up for it. He made your spirit and nature to make up for it. They have more than made up for it. Now, they are kind of getting bored and other people are going to take over. In fact, they are taking over. It is just a matter of time. Everything comes out of the soul According to what is happening right now in education, the Asians, the Africans, etc., are outscoring Europeans in colleges and universities. So, it is just a matter of time. Blacks ruled so long in Africa until we do not know when we are going to awaken them, again. It is in your soul. Everything goes back to the soul. Everything comes out of the soul and everything goes back to the soul. So, after your soul has enjoyed certain things so long you do not have any interest in them anymore. That is not your interest. That is not your motive and that is not your spirit. You see the other people and they have the spirit to go. Religion as psychology for dominating blacks When the white man came out to see the world, who did he find in power? He found the black man in power. He had been in power for thousands of years, although the Asians had their time, too, and the black Asians were before the white Asians. This is documented scientific discoveries. The black Asians were ruling and they had great civilizations and then the whites came from the North and they discovered that something was happening down in the South. So, they went down into southern Asia and they found civilization there. They found a warm climate that permitted civilization to thrive. Then, they used religious psychology. Religion in the hands of the conqueror is psychology. They used religion as psychology for dominating blacks. They came in and found a people who were burned out on having a good time, so they were ready just to relax and they gave them the sedative of religion to have them cool out. They cooled out and the whites dominated them. Pretty soon the whites took over and ruled them until now. In Asia, the lighter skinned ones have been ruling, but now it is changing, slowly. Religion made racist white supremacy possible Do not just look at Africa and say, "They came in and they took over." It was not just Africa. That thing went all around the world. White supremacy went all around the world and it was made possible by religion. So, you tell people that dark is evil, dark is sin, demons are in the dark. You do not have to tell them that, "You are dark". They know they are dark and every time they look in the mirror they see a dark face. If they do not have a mirror the moonlit night and the water reflection will say, "You're black, man." When you go to the preacher, he tells you all about the black demon. "That black demon! You had better be good because when you die the black demon will come at you, brother and you cannot escape the black demon! He will consume you, totally!" I am not talking about Muslims. This guy might be Hindu. He might be anything and he is preaching to the masses. He did not know that the ones held up in the mountains in the cold weather region were afraid and did not go anywhere. They found out something was happening down there in their land, so they gave them religion to take over their lives. Religion altered to get people to accept dominance That is why it says in the Qur'an, "And fight them until religion is free for G_d. "25 It means it has been used by man. He made religion to serve him and his desire for power and dominance. So, "Fight them until religion is free for G_d". This is in the Qur'an exactly the way I am giving it to you, "And there is no more persecution".26 It is not just talking about that immediate situation that Muhammed was experiencing. It is talking about religion, period! Religion in the world is mostly used to condition people to accept dominance saying, "You could have this whole world, just give me Jesus." And I have heard blacks say, "They can have the world, just give me Jesus." What do you mean they can have the world? They have had it for thousands of years before you came along and you sure did not give them permission to have it. There was a song, "Sounds of the South ", that said, "I have plenty of nothing and that's plenty enough for me." Infiltrators among the poor to start new trend The entertainment media initiates something in the public life, encourages something that is happening. But it is happening on a small scale, yet it is something they would like to happen on a major scale. So, they encourage it. Actually, they have infiltrators come among you and they act just like you and you think they are just like you. You think their interest is down there where yours is. They mix with you and start a habit and then they record the habit for the entertainment media, soap operas, or whatever and they put it out by way of the media. It is fed to the public. The public grabs it right away and it becomes, almost overnight, the new life style of the people. It starts with language, or either a dance and language is always included. There is a dance and there is also a language to go with the dance. In the Bible it says, "Let us go down and confound their language."27 It means confuse their language. Make it so confusing they will not be able to manage it. "Let us go down and confound their language so that they babble and do not speak". This is in the Bible. It did not say let us devils go down. This is a people planning on how to conquer another people. "A people no more" Most of us have heard of the Tower of Babel, whether you go to church or not. It has been in literature, so you have likely heard of it. In another place in the Bible, it says, "Let us cast their bands asunder so that they be a people no more".28 So, whoever was doing one thing, someone else is doing the other. The language is similar. It is obvious, no matter what the Bible says, who is saying these things. It is obvious that the same mind that said one thing is saying the other thing: "Let us go down and confound their language so that they babble and do not speak" and, "Let us cast their bands asunder." That means destroy their bands, throw them away, cast them off of them so that they be a people no more. Who would want to target a people to have them not be a people except Satan, himself? The reality of that is before us as clear as it has been for any people who have ever lived on this planet. When you see that light-minded stuff, i.e., just having fun and seeking pleasures without fear of the consequences to family or whatever, that is what has destroyed family life for most people in America. It has cast the social bands asunder. That which holds husband and wife together, that which holds children and parents together, that which holds brothers and sisters together, that which holds neighbor and neighbor together, all of that is gone; not in the past, now. The public, most of the people of America today, have become a people no more. They are not a people anymore because their bands have been cast asunder. Personality formed in group life It is the same ones who have made the public, people, or the population no people anymore. It shows you that the mind of the Shaitan (Satan) is sick and he cannot be healed. They enjoy this game so much that they have to talk to each other. "Now, we have made them no people." If they are not people, they are not persons. Personality is formed in group life with other people. You have to be with people to acquire personality. If you do not have association with people, relationships with people, you do not have anything to develop your personality. Now they say they should not call each other persons because they are not persons. They should call each other, people. And they say, "How many people are with you?" They are bragging. That is exactly what they are doing. Shaitan (Satan), Allah describes him (in Qur'an) when he is shown the man Allah wants to become the leader, or the ruler in the earth. He refuses to accept him by saying, in the Qur'an, "Abaa was stakbara", translated, "He refused and became exalted, bigoted".29 The word, "Astakbara", comes from the root verb, "Kabara," or the noun, "Kabir", meaning, "Big". So, he became bigoted or he exaggerated his own importance. That is what it means. He became magnified in his own eyes and to himself he was much more important than the man G_d said He was creating. "I repent nothing" So, the influence that is Satan in the world, especially in the culture, comes from a person, or nafs (soul), described by G_d as one whose self-image is an exaggeration in his own mind. The word in the dictionary is, bigoted, or a bigot. That is what you called the racist with no education or a college degree who because you are black thinks he is better than you. It did not matter whether you were educated or not, he was better than you. That mentality is called a bigot, another term for the racist. Who is the biggest of the bigots? Shaitan, or Satan is the biggest. He exaggerated his own self-importance. He says (in Qur'an), "You made me better than he. You made him of mud. You made me of fire that gives off no smoke." It means, "I repent nothing". His statement means, "You made me and I repent nothing. Because I devote myself to intelligence, only, I have nothing to repent. I follow intelligence". 30 It is reported that Prophet Muhammed said Jabril (Gabriel) was shown the world by G_d before the world was put into existence. He saw it as G_d made it before Satan influenced it and he said,. "What a wonderful world! How could anyone go wrong in such a wonderful world?" Then Allah, G_d, showed it to Jibril after Satan had come and decorated it with temptations, allurements, something to attract you and take you off center, off of your natural course. Jabril said, "How can anyone go straight in such a world?" So, Satan made it very difficult for people to exist in that world influenced by Satan. It is very difficult for them to keep their moral life, their sensible life that G_d wants for them or that He made them for. Satan is the game Allah describes the world that Satan makes, also, as a world of falsities. It is a false world. It is not real. And He says of that world that it is games and amusements.31 Therefore, many in the world are game players. Isn't that what they say in high circles? "They are actors". I know, because I have been among them. Often, I have been among them. They call each other actors and an actor plays a part. So, it is a play, an amusement. You can become occupied, glued to your own works, especially when your works are dominating how people live, how people feel and how people will treat each other. You can become so occupied with that and so glued to it that it is the most exciting thing in your life. It is just like a man who likes to play chess or whatever the game is. He can play it so much and become so great in it until he cannot do anything but live that game. I think that is what happens to Satan. Satan has played the game so long until the game has just taken over his ability to govern his own life. He cannot govern his own life anymore. The game is his life. Satan not a person So, he has to have fun, but he cannot come out and tell everybody what is happening. He cannot expose himself. So how does he relieve himself from that situation? He can't tell everybody what is happening. His pleasure is to watch his act and enjoy his act. He is getting great pleasure right now. I do not mean one being, but many living things. I cannot say, "Person". He is not a person. Many living things in human form are enjoying this. They talk to each other and they enjoy then-act on the stage of the world, saying, "We are telling them now that we took them from being a people and they have no personalities of their own. All of them have the personalities that we gave them. Now we are going to tell them not to be persons, not to address each other as persons; but address each other as people, because they are people. They are not persons, anymore. They are the new people we have made. And we are going to give them their new persons. We made them people, again and we will make them persons, again." This tells me that they are saying, "We are going to permit you to be persons, again. We have achieved what we wanted. We carried it as far as we can go that way. We have to bring you back home. We are going to let you be people, first, people we make and then we are going to send influences out to have you become human persons, again." What I know is that Satan is doing these things and if we really identify Satan, he is the game. And the players, they stay with the game because they keep each other in the know. Down through the ages they have trusted each other and no one can come in unless they identify them and know that they inherited this. It is inherited. Choose life We are looking everywhere and what you should see is right before your eyes all the time. The world has been made so thoroughly by this mentality that anywhere you turn for truth or evidence you are looking at their thing; that which is given to you by the same ones who masterminded this thing or just took over human life. It says, "We give you two ways. Choose you life ",32 That is what it says. It did not say, "Choose you the way on the left", or, "Choose the way on the right". Why? It is because both of these are going to be deceitful. The left is going to be deceitful and the right is going to be deceitful. As a result, you children of this plan do not ever be with the lefties, those on the left and do not be with the ones on the right. You should stay with that which is in the center. So here is the plan designed to rule the moral and rational life of the whole people on earth by a few. And the members in this original group they do not know what is going on, either. It is the masterminds that keep the secret with them. They do not want them to know this. Do not think a rabbi knows what I am talking about? He is just an innocent rabbi, most likely. What we see in the Bible that looks innocent, if you read it one way, it is beautiful and good. But they are not reading it the way we read it. That is their plan. They are reading the blueprint for the takeover of the world and the keeping of the world under their control. Left means the unconscious life We read of Moses in the battle against the enemy of the Jews and Moses has a man stand on his left and hold up his left arm. Another, stands on his right and holds up his right arm; and again, the word, "Arm". They are in battle and it says when they want to advance, the one on the right lifts his arm up to advance. When they do not want to advance the one on the left lifts the left arm up. This is confusing. Why would he not want to advance? Well, maybe they want to retreat. The left means the left life, the unconscious life. This is the army, right? This is no reflection on the United States of America or on our army. I do not believe they know what I am talking about, at least most of them do not. Maybe a very few in the top positions know what I am talking about. Advance unconscious life, hold back rational life When you start off saying, "Left, left, left", you are advancing by left. Why left and not right? Your right leg is your strongest leg. Why put your weakest leg before the right, the strongest one? You do not see the general in that group. So, they are saying these soldiers have been trained to carry out orders and not think. So, they have no head, they have nothing but feet. They are foot soldiers. The unconscious life, it being the sign of Moses, means, "Advance the unconscious life and hold back the rational life and that will get them in position where you can bring back the conscious life and keep the world progressing for our purposes". That is exactly what is happening with the world. It says, "As Moses was lifted up in the wilderness, so shall the son of man be lifted up".33 As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so shall the son of man be lifted up. How was the serpent lifted up? He was lifted upon a cross, upon a check. The cross is a check, a stop. The son of man, is this the son of G_d? Why did they say, son of man, son of G_d? Who is this? At one time, he is the son of man and the other time he is the son of G_d. It did not say the son of G_d. It said the son of man. Fight the schemes of Satan Son of man means all human beings, all mankind. How do we lift them up? The same way Moses did, but not any real Moses. "Moses in our plan, our Moses. We will lift society up the same way according to our plan. We will advance their unconscious life when their conscious life gets in our way and when we get them totally under their unconscious life, then we will raise up their conscious life"; a master plan, the plan of Satan. Allah says, "Fight the schemes of Satan".34 He did not say fight Satan. Where are you going to find Satan? How can you identify these people? He may look like he is Chinese. Some of them may be Chinese. You do not know who they look like. Some might be African. Who knows? I have seen some Africans looking like aliens, like there was nothing alive in the body, like a dead thing was there. Who knows? Maybe they have some Africans in that group, too. We do not know. It was initiated by those people who think their race is the chosen race and everybody else is supposed to pay homage to them. Are they the designers? No, they do not know what is going on. This thing is too subtle for us to identify them. They would not be identifiable. They would not be under any name and it is because they are too smart for that. The Qur'an says, "They write Scripture with their own hands and say this is from G_d".35 Allah has told us all of these things. Where are the Scriptures the Qur'an is talking about? They have to be somewhere. If we believe in the Qur'an we know those Scriptures are somewhere. You cannot put your finger on Satan. You cannot identify any living form that is responsible for this. They are too smart for that. But we should fight the schemes of Satan and not just the vices that are in the world. His biggest scheme is manipulating human life, changing human morality whenever he pleases, or managing the world as he wants it managed. And how does he want it managed? He wants it managed for money. This is in the Qur'an and Bible, too. It says his greed is for material power, because he knows if he gets the material power, then he has that which every life is supported by; and you will have to have great moral strength to say, "No", to him when he says, "Your only opportunity to progress materially is to accept my world and not make any trouble for me". G_d takes over your protection It takes great moral strength to say, "No", to him when you know that he can shut you out of everything, all material opportunities. But he cannot do any harm except as G_d permits. When you give yourself totally to G_d, then G_d takes over your protection. You do not have to worry about it. I fear nothing. Nobody can harm me, no government, etc. They have no power to touch me, believe me. They hear these things but they do not have any power to hurt me or to touch me. Allah would not give me this understanding to hurt me. If it were going to hurt me He would not let me get it. I do not worry about them at all and I am not out to get them. I am after getting our people and good people in a situation like I am in so they cannot be hurt and cannot be mastered minded by wicked powers. That is all I am interested in and that is human. Human is wanting to support human beings and human life and wanting to help human life avoid trouble, problems and death. The worst death is moral death, not physical death. That is nothing. Physical death leaves no pain. Moral death pains all the time. Patterned on principles of the universe Man comes up believing that his own structure holds up the world, so he has to die to himself. He has to die to himself and come out of the ideology that says man is the center of the universe and accept the higher concept, that man is a form patterned on the principles of the universe. Allah says, "Think not, oh man, that your creation is a bigger creation than the heavens and the earth ",36 That is to tell us, "Do not believe in the old Jain idea". Some of you perhaps studied the Jains and Jainism. They were an old, ancient people, long before Christianity, who believed that man was the center of creation and that his form was really the whole for of the universe. They believed that if you could take a picture of the external world, you would see the external world existing in the form of a man. And didn't the Greeks and some other mythologies present the universe like that; that actually man is the microcosm and the external world is the macrocosm? They presented the idea that really there is a big man out there giving birth to little men and the concept of G_d is man; and G_d made man in His own image and likeness. This comes from that faulty concept of theirs that the external world is a man, too, and it is G_d. The entire creation, the entire reality taken all together is the G_d and it gives birth to man in its image; the microcosm. This was their idea and this is still the idea in many of those myths and religions today. Material world holding man up But, this is not Al-Islam. The idea in Al-Islam is that man is a unique creature in the creation and that he has evolved or been formed just like all other creatures in the creation; and the external world is not the type bigger than the original type. It is not that he is a microcosm or a small miniature picture of that. No, it is that there is a material reality out there and he is one of the principles of that material reality. The laws that govern his particular form are established in that outside, external, material reality. That is what it establishes; not that the external, material reality should conform to his reality. This is what those myths say, what Jainism says. If you want to know what should be the rule in the outer world, study man and apply the knowledge that you find in man, in a study of man to the other world; whereas, we are taught, no, study the outer world; then, apply the knowledge that you find in the outer world to man, because it is man's bones holding man up. It is the material world holding man up; for his material structure is nothing but bones of the material world; nothing but material matter that has formed of the material world and has taken that shape. It is the material world that has evolved his skeleton. Do not just look at what I am saying. Look at what this points to. Above you are seven Now, we see that in the Qur'an, basharan or bashar, are connected with teen. He created basharam min teen.37 This higher sensitivity, it is created out of this willing obedience in man; willing obedience, or the natural, inherent nature to obey in man. Then he becomes conscious and of that same nature is created a higher skin, a higher sensitivity, an outer skin. And so he becomes bashar, or khalqan akhar.38 Then G_d says, "And above you there are seven strong firmaments and in you, a like number". 39 So now we have a higher number than even the ones that we have been discussing up to this point. How are we to understand those strong firmaments in the ascension and travel of Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessing be on him? In the Ascension (Mi'raj),40 he saw men in those graduations. Adam was on the first level. Jesus and his counterpart, John, were on level two. In other words, we have two on one level. On the third level, he met Joseph and on the next level, Idris. On the fifth level was Aaron. He greeted Moses on the sixth level and Abraham on the seventh. These represent what? The seven strong firmaments. So, there is a sensitivity in man. Then, there is a conviction that G_d wants. G_d wants that sensitivity to conform to a logic, to a truth, where that sensitivity becomes a conviction. Adam was a man of conviction and every other man that goes up that line to Abraham, including Abraham, men of conviction; strong firmaments, men of conviction. What made possible their convictions? The same nature. Upon seven He built seven. Upon seven, the nature, He built seven. But how do they come into the higher conviction? G_d reveled to them the knowledge of the external world. He connected their reality with the external reality. He showed them the basis of their nature and their sensitivity in the external world. Therefore, their convictions became solid, strong convictions; convictions so strong that we see those convictions outside of us. "And above you are seven, firm heavens ".41 And what are the heavens depicting? The universe. They are depicting the universe. So, man now has gone outside of himself and established himself in the universal order, in the context of universal truth. That is what established them on firm planes, very firm planes. But, they are no more than expressions that G_d created in him fulfilling themselves. So, it is the inner potential finding its place in the external world. We are simply talking about the connection between man and man. Anthropomorphism And what is our purpose in this discussion? Our purpose is to prove that idea of G_d manifest to be wrong, the idea of man-god. That idea of man-god came into Christianity from the Greeks and others that believed that. That is not Jesus’ teaching. Jesus never taught anything like that. So, we should understand that this idea is foreign to true religion. Those people that had a different spiritual discipline, a different intellectual discipline, they are the ones who came to that kind of understanding. The idea of man as G_D was never a part of established religion. Anthropomorphism is what I think they call it. It means man-god, or god-man. So now we can see where this foolishness comes from. It comes from superstitions where man thought that he was the center of the universe and that his form was really a small copy or a small manifestation of the external world; that actually the external world was actually G_d and all-inclusive and it took the form of man. If you look in the Old Testament this idea is there in very clear language. It speaks of lower regions as G_d’s feet, higher regions as His bowels, where there is thunder and lightning. This is the Old Testament. Pantheism So, you can follow that kind of logic on to its conclusion; that is, that His head is above the clouds. His head is where the stars are. Now, if you look at the picture that they give you of G_d in the New Testament it shows this completed. It shows Jesus as G_d and it shows him with the sun as his robe. It shows sunlight as his robe and we know that sunlight is higher than the clouds. But it includes the clouds all the way down to the earth, the feet. It includes the clouds all the way down to the earth. Above the robe is what? The head. Above the sunlight, then, is what? The stars, the stars of the higher heavens. So, the New Testament gives us this picture of Jesus with the sun as a robe and a crown of stars on his head, meaning that he is, The G_d, the macrocosm. Jesus Christ is the macrocosm and G_d is no more than the external reality. This is pantheism.42 It is akin to pantheism and if you do not think this is what those people believe in higher Christianity, in higher circles of Christianity, then take it from me. This is what they believe. They do not believe in G_d like the common people believe in G_d. They believe that the whole universe, the cosmic reality, is the only force we have to contend with. And they believe that man is an expression of what is in the total body of that reality. He is the manifestation of the potential or the inherent value in that whole body; that the big god gives birth to his son. See Jesus as a black man That is why they are saying now, “Oh, if you do not like Jesus in the form that he is in, well, it is okay. Every man should see Jesus in himself”. Isn’t that what they are saying? “If you are black, then, see Jesus as a black man. That is okay.” That is what they say. Why? It is because they know in their logic man is the microcosm in the image of the macrocosm and Jesus so happens to be that. Now if you want to see that in your own form that is okay. They say, “Oh, we do not care. As long as you keep our brand of religion we do not care. It is okay. You can see it that way if you want to. You are still going along with our idea.” But, when you accept the Qur’anic idea, follow Imam W. Deen Mohammed and tell them, “No, we are not to see G_d in any form”, that is where they break with us. We have differences now. But thanks be to Allah, the mind of humanity is growing. Each age brings about new developments. So, we found a lot of support from among even Christians for the movement to remove all images that attempt to portray the Divine. Praise be to Allah. And I hope this is an indication that there is a lot of support. But you do not find this support coming from the real top people. No, indeed! Why? It is because they are the ones that know what we are talking about now and they see that to accept what we are saying would be a conflict, would be in conflict with what they believe. However, many Christians who have not been allowed to come into these seminaries, because they have not been allowed into them, they are exposed to human influence; and when they see our logic they say, "That's humane. That is sensible. I support that". Whether it is a Catholic, Protestant, etc., does not matter. They support it. Praise be to Allah. From one soul type Do you think a Chinese baby cries in Chinese and laughs in Chinese? All of them were born to make the same sounds and having the same sounds, the same emotional nature, crying, laughing and smiling. The same soul, that is what it means. That is what that evidence says, that we have one soul. We come from one soul type, though we come into a world where we become different nations and different races. The G_d that made us made us one family, with one soul type. In the Qur'an, G_d says He is the One Who gave us laughter and tears.43 It means that the nature in you was given to you by your Creator. When we are born, all of us have the same language, then we learn different languages. Our language is the language of our soul. It says: "I hurt. I feel good. I am scared", etc. We used to think the white man could not be frightened. He kept us in so much fear. We thought he could not be made afraid; or we thought he was too dangerous to try to make him afraid. But all of that has changed now, because our people challenged him and saw that he could be made afraid. Frederick Douglass challenged his slave master. He got a second slave master who was mean, a typical slave master. One day, the history says, Frederick Douglass hit him. Frederick Douglass was a big, tall man. He hit him and knocked him down in the road and he got away. He went up North, finally, to Boston, Massachusetts.44 There is an explanation as to why they said that we were born with a curse on us and our color is a crime or a curse on us. I feel very sad to say to you that it comes from the Church, this idea. Muslims do not accept it, because we read the Qur'an and most Christian denominations do not accept it; that is; most churches do not accept it. But a few churches did and it might be a few churches that still do accept this Bible-based idea against us. But as you read on you are going to see that I have different thoughts even about that. To Be Continue FROM THE BOOK “ON RACISM, RELIGION AND RECONCILIATION” – PURCHASE YOUR COPY AT: http://www.thoughtsforsearchers.com/