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1 Cary W = "Interesting point here in asking why do Christians so vehemently oppose any idea of reincarnation?  It is actually accepted by most of the great minds of antiquity.  Even Jesus Himself continually taught eternal life, overcoming death, and that even before Abraham, He was!  I don't know for sure whether we come back here or not.  No one can really know, can they?  It is possibly true and not true, for there is no way to really know.  Even past life memories are subject to many factors and influences, so they become mere personal experiences."
2 Cary W = "Cool!  Scholars have researched reincarnation accounts and found many to have remarkable accuracy in describing the town, house, and situations they were in.  I welcome the opportunity to hear some of those accounts.  Still, what good does it do to know?  I personally got glimpses I was an Indian warrior in a past life.  I do not doubt the vision and glimpse of a very real memory for.  Intuitively I know that life is part of who I am today.  But that is about all the value I have obtained so far from a past life memory.  More clarity about my life now.  Clarity does not necessarily depend on such."