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There are two types of Christians, in my opinion and in this text I will speak on the religious Christian. A religious Christian is a firm believer in the rules and regulations of church, and the Bible. Church is pretty much mandatory, and those who do not go could be punished by the Lord in some sense. Religious Christians are considered the "Bible Thumpers" because they are always talking about God some way, some how and trying to get you to convert, not all Christians are this way however so I only speak of SOME Religious Christians when I speak my thoughts. Religion is strict sometimes, there are many things you are supposed to do and many things you are not to do, and when you don't do the things you are supposed to, you are reprimanded and when you do the things you aren't supposed to do, you are punished. While some Religious Christians are kind and thoughtful towards others, there are a lot that judge someone by the cover because that is not what God intended the world to be like. Say for instance, a homosexual couple, holding hands and kissing walked in the path of the religious Christian, the Christian would know that is not right in the Lord's eyes, therefore they would turn their noses at them or start pointing at them saying "look! that's nasty!". I am not saying that all Religious Christians are this way by any means, the kind and thoughtful Christians are very caring, and they want to talk to you about the Lord, but they are always very positive in their speech and never judgmental. They truly believe in Jesus dying for their sins and they believe in a God that made the Universe, watching over us , pre determining our every move before we ever knew about it. Being a Christian, no matter what "type", is all about Love.