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RUNNING ON EMPTY? RUN TO JESUS! Are you at a loss? For energy? For patience? For finances? For purpose? For time? For solutions to a nagging problem? When they ran out of wine at a wedding, Mary ran to her son and asked him to help. Even though his response wasn't very encouraging, she went to the servants and said, "Do whatever he tells you to do." Now, Jesus could have just miraculously refilled the empty wine bottles but He told the servants to go fill the jars with water. Wonder of wonder -- when the servants brought back the jars, there were 180 gallons of the best wine! Even though it appeared trivial -- this was Christ's first miracle! Showing He was not just a teacher, or a prophet, but the Son of God! And He did not just provide a scarce amount -- He provided more than enough. This was a miracle of overflow! And this is not the only miracle of overflow he performed. But what would have happened if Mary hadn't run to him when they ran out? What would have happened if the servants had not obeyed? Well, the wedding would still have gone on -- this was not a matter of life or death. But it was not too trivial for Jesus. He cares! About the little things in our life! He provides! Not just enough -- but overflow -- for His glory -- and so we can share with others who are also in need! So, Are you running on empty! Run to Jesus! Ask Him for help. Do your part when He shows you what to do. And, then be ready for the miracle of overflow!

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1 Sarah R = "Read the story in John 2."
2 Sarah R = "It was not "empty wine bottles" that were filled but rather "six stone water jars, the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing, each holding from twenty to thirty gallons" (John 2:6). This is significant because the "ceremonial washing" was part of the old covenant. Jesus' use of these jars to fill with new wine was symbolic of the ushering in of the new covenant. No longer would the people be constrained by the old law, but set free to new life. Although grace was also the center of relations with God, now that grace was embodied in the Person of Jesus Christ."
3 Sarah R = "This miracle also launched Jesus' ministry. Perhaps His words to his mother, "It's not my time yet," expressed a little hesitancy on His part? Once the mission started, it would only lead to a cross. He knew that. That's why He came. Yet maybe He was enjoying living on the Earth He created, fellowshipping with mankind, the most special of creation. After this event, though, there was no going back -only moving forward."