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Satanic State of Mind (Eighteen Satanic Tenets)

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'Lucifer Is Alive! - Enclave' 'Eighteen Satanic Tenets' 'Satanic State of Mind'    1. Respect those that respect you.    2. Be patient in black magical workings.    3. Do evil unto those who have done evil unto you.    4. Rejoice in Satanic exultation always.    5. Be aware of all circumstances that involve you at all times.    6. Ever rise in the evil spirit.    7. Follow intuitive signs within the time-stream of celestial existence.    8. Test and question all things, take nothing at face value.    9. Deny false indemnity (false financial burden).    10. Abstain from denial. 11. Abstain from guilt. 12. Be one with the endless universe of Luciferian light. 13. Seduce, subvert and destroy, if desired. 14. If someone turns their back on you, turn your back to them. 15. Providence given, providence taken away. 16. In peace, we perish. 17. Common sense is not common, but cowardice is. 18. Be not sheeple. It is imperative to strive in all things, to embrace a more perfect 'Satanic State of Mind.' Self-gratitude and mutual congratulating societies, without merit, exist everywhere. Indeed, gratitude can become a great motivation for Satanic life, but it must be measured by one's true ability and successes. Life is not based on how many 'likes' that you have. Otherwise, true advancement is coddled, stifled and killed off. It is vital for the Luciferian to know the subtle passive/aggressive times in which he lives. Sheeple are trapped in a sensory-stimulus prism that ensnares their minds in stupidity and 'dumbs-down' their thinking, let alone their ability to remember or recollect anything. If we were to unplug the sheeple from their 'search-engines' they would collapse overnight, if not within seconds. A 'Satanic State of Mind' is ever tuned with high mental comprehension and recall.       The power of Satanic thinking is fatalistic, positivistic and death defiant!    Be ambitious in all black magic undertakings, through this, your victory is assured!         Ambition is the cornerstone of black-magic, it makes life worth insinuating.                                                                       Ave Satanas                                                                      Winter Laake                                            WinterLaake.com