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The tern "soul winner" is one term I really do not like that gets promoted a lot in churches. It always seemed to filled with ego and pride. I prefer the term a witness. I will alway tell people what I believe and why, how God has given the grace to my life and what I do to keep my faith strong. We are blessed today with so many different tools that we can use to share our faith, and this is a good thing because I do not believe that there is one tool better than another. I use many tools on sharing my faith. I work with homeless people and I try to meet them at the point of need, food clothing a shower or place to stay. It is during this process of helping people that I am able to share my faith. I dont keep track of how many people accept salvation but I know I try to be the best example of the the Christian faith that I can be.

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1 Jeff Smith = "There are many verses that support your work, even in the Old Testament:From Leviticus in the Basic English Bible:"25:35 And if your brother becomes poor and is not able to make a living then you are to keep him with you, helping him as you would a man from another country who is living among you. 25:36 Take no interest from him, in money or goods, but have the fear of your God before you, and let your brother make a living among you. 25:37 Do not take interest on the money which you let him have or on the food which you give him."From Isaiah in the Basic English Bible:"58:7 Is it not to give your bread to those in need, and to let the poor who have no resting-place come into your house? To put a robe on the unclothed one when you see him, and not to keep your eyes shut for fear of seeing his flesh?"And perhaps more famously, from Matthew (Basic English Bible):"25:40 And the King will make answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, because you did it to the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.""
2 Jeff Smith = "This also reminds me of the passage about Jesus feeding the 5,000 (though it was probably many more) with a few loaves and fishes.I found this interesting representation of that story by artist Eric Feather."