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1 Cary W = "God's grace was such that he took the one man leading the rebellion against Christ and his followers, and transformed him in an instant by making Himself known, in person, to Paul."
2 Cary W = "Anyone, regardless of their beliefs or lack thereof, who encounters God in a direct connection and experience is forever changed.  Personal experience of such magnitude transcends all understanding and doctrines.  The truth revealed, casts out all darkness and totally brings freedom and peace."
3 Cary W = "The gospel Paul teaches is so very different from all the other disciples, for only Paul taught the primacy of grace as the work of God within us.  Not by power or might, but by my Spirit says the Lord!"
4 Cary W = "God has shut everyone of us into what we really are: sinful, rebellious, self centered and foolish in so many things, that He may demonstrate His lovingkindness, which then leads the heart to repentance."