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1 Kaleb Thomas Clare = "It has been said that this is a period of time within the parturient enceinte of Man that He stands on a Great Precipice - an interstice so significant of His very existence within the Universe that the Universe Itself awaits His Cogent Compelling Response. It is imperative, I think, that the Individual both recognizes and embraces how He IS, in fact, an integral and fundamental Constituent of this Great Unfolding. In fact, He may be a pivotal "Cluster of Dynamic StarDust" so conspicuously crucial to Its Grand Cosmic Adventure that without Him the World We live in would begin a final descent, and degenerate completely into farcical flapdoodled folly.We are not just a clump of clay walking aimlessly without direction on a spinning rock in the Universe. We are the Pilots of a Starship so incredibly Vital that the entire Universe vibrates with anticipation of Man's Answer to Its Prodigious Prerogative.The Call? To Awaken To The Truth of Who We Are ... a Creator's Sublime Sanctification of His Idea of WHO HE IS ... and Who We Are through Him as the Elaborate and Elegant Extension of Himself ...§¥§I Choose Love§¥§"