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My Presidential Prayer I'm the king, who art in DC, Hallowed be my name. My time has come. My will be done. Trump brands will shine on earth, As they do in heaven. Let me this day my daily tweets. And destroy all my enemies, As I destroy those that campaign against me. And lead me out of democracy, But give me a monarchy. For I am am the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. So True! The Trump Creed I believe in Trump, the Trump name Almighty, the regal ruler of the United States; I believe in the Donald, celebrity, the Lord, who was conceived by a godly woman and born into a real estate empire. I suffered humiliation by the media, grabbed pussy, and crushed all my enemies. Dealing with losers was hell. On election day I was crowed king. I ascended to power, where seated on my right hand is Ivanka, the child complicit. From there my advisers shall abide my every move. I believe in building my empire, fighting against fake news, frying my enemies, anointing my minions, and the Trump dynasty everlasting. Enjoy! Peace Prayer of Saint Francis Loser! Shows Weakness! So Sad! A prayer for widows, orphans, and those who minster to them ... Read my book "Great Again: How to Fix Crippled America." NYTimes bestseller! America First! Illegals out! Dishonest people! Bad!!! piece originally published at The Haven (https://medium.com/the-haven/the-donald-devotional-871f90cffb04)