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Question: With the world appearing more and more a dangerous place, I'm wondering what Judaism has to say about the possibility of an apocalyptic final event. Does such a concept exist, and how will that play out? Answer: The Jewish people believe in what's called the End of Days. This isn't the final end of the world – but merely the end of history as we know it. After the End of Days the world will continue as usual, with the big exception that there will be world peace. As the End of the Days approach, there are two paths that the world could take. The first is filled with kindness and miracles, with the Messiah "given dominion, honor and kinship so that all peoples, nations and languages would serve him; his dominion would be an everlasting dominion that would never pass, and his kingship would never be destroyed." (Daniel 7:13-14) This scenario could be brought at any moment, if we'd just get our act together! The other path is described as Messiah coming "humble and riding upon a donkey" (Zechariah 9:9). In this scenario, nature will take its course, and society will undergo a slow painful deterioration, with much suffering. God's presence will be hidden, and his guidance will not be perceivable. According to this second path, there will be a valueless society in which religion will not only be chided, it will be used to promote immorality. Young people will not respect the old, and governments will become godless. This is why the Midrash says, "One third of the world's woes will come in the generation preceding the Messiah." (Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, "Handbook of Jewish Thought") According to the Talmud, as the Messianic era approaches, the world will experience greater and greater turmoil: Vast economic fluctuations, social rebellion, and widespread despair. The culmination will be a world war of immense proportion led by King Gog from the land of Magog. This will be a war the likes of which have not been seen before. This will be the ultimate war of good against evil, in which evil will be entirely obliterated. (Ezekiel ch. 38, 39; Zechariah 21:2, 14:23; Talmud – Sukkah 52, Sanhedrin 97, Sotah 49) What is the nature of this cataclysmic war? Traditional Jewish sources state that the nations of the world will descend against the Jews and Jerusalem. The Crusades, Pogroms and Arab Terrorism will pale in comparison. Eventually, when all the dust settles, the Jews will be defeated and led out in chains. The Torah will be proclaimed a falsehood. Then, just when we think the story is over, the Messiah will come and lead the Jewish redemption. He will inspire all peoples to follow God, rebuild the Temple, gather in any remaining Jewish exiles to Israel, and re-establish the Sanhedrin. (Maimonides – Melachim ch. 11-12) In many ways, the world is a depressing place. But life is like medicine. Imagine a person with a serious internal disease. Taking the right medication will detoxify the body by pushing all the impurities to the surface of the skin. The patient may look deathly ill – all covered in sores. But in truth, those surface sores are a positive sign of deeper healing. The key is to maintain the hope of redemption. Rabbi Azriel Tauber, a successful businessman and Torah scholar who lives in New York, is a survivor of the concentration camps. Rabbi Tauber says he was able to survive the camps because every day, his father would encourage him and say: "Don't despair, my son, for redemption can come at any moment." The Torah provides our hope for the future. Maimonides says that every day, a Jew should yearn for the Messiah. Not in order that Jews should rule the world, or to be exalted amongst the nations, nor to eat, drink and rejoice. But rather we yearn for the Messiah so that we will have time for the wisdom of Torah, with nothing to disturb that pursuit. The message should be clear: Keep focused on the Torah, for it is the voice of reason in our world of insanity. If we live with that knowledge today, then the Torah promises that the final resolution will come more quickly and painlessly. And at the very least, living with this understanding is sure to keep us among those who have preserved their sanity in this world of confusion. Indeed, the world is in desperate need of Messianic redemption. War and pollution threaten our planet; ego and confusion erode family life. To the extent we are aware of the problems of society, is the extent we will yearn for redemption. As the Talmud says, one of the first questions a Jew is asked on Judgment Day is: "Did you yearn for the arrival of the Messiah?" How can we hasten the coming of the Messiah? The best way is to love all humanity generously, to keep the mitzvot of the Torah (as best we can), and to encourage others to do so as well. Despite the gloom, the world does seem headed toward redemption. One apparent sign is that the Jewish people have returned to the Land of Israel and made it bloom again. Additionally, a major movement is afoot of young Jews returning to Torah tradition. By the way, Maimonides states that the popularity of Christianity and Islam is part of God's plan to spread the ideals of Torah throughout the world. This moves society closer to a perfected state of morality and toward a greater understanding of God. All this is in preparation for the Messianic age. The Messiah can come at any moment, and it all depends on our actions. God is ready when we are. For as King David says: "Redemption will come today – if you hearken to His voice."

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1 Sara Di Diego = "In Ezekiel ch. 38, 39 it says "Son of man, direct your face towards Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy concerning him.""
2 Sara Di Diego = "Rabbi Azriel Tauber is an alleged molester of women.  He has also been witnessed committing cruel acts in the name of preserving the souls of Jewish women (source).  He allegedly often spews hate towards the country of Israel and its people, as well."
3 Yaakov ben Chaim Tzvi = "It is critically important to note that allegations of impropriety claimed by someone online without any evidence is considered Lashon Hara, "evil speech" and is considered to be one of the most grave transgressions within Judaism. If a person is found guilty in a court of law, or if there are legal proceedings charged against a person [be it a Rabbi, Priest, etc.] only when the evidence is produced should we condemn the actions of the individual. If this Rabbi is guilty of heinous crimes I would be the first person in line calling for his punishment, stripped of his "Rabbi" title and thrown into prison for a long time, however since none of these allegations have been confirmed, it becomes a "he said, she said" and I can't possibly know who is telling the truth and who is lying. We should not assume that just because someone accused him of something on a personal website that this Rabbi is guilty. If this was a standard for conviction than neither myself, nor anyone else would be able to withstand such scrutiny.Furthermore, with reference to Israel; the Satmar community is anti-Israel but not for the reasons Non-Jews understand. The issues are very complex and I will try to shed a little bit of light on this issue:According to scriptures; all Jews believe and recognize that the land of Israel was given to the Jewish nation by God. Period. All Jews recognize that as punishment God exiled the Jewish nation and swore to return us to the land in the future. The "Orthodox anti-Zionist" movement is not claiming that Jews don't belong in the land, they are claiming that only the Messiah, the anointed one assigned by God will bring the Jews back, not the United Nations or Balfour Declaration, in other words, we should NOT return to the land by human means, we should have waited for God to return us. If you remember, when Moses agreed to send spies into the land of Canaan, the spies came back with a terrible report. As a result of this, God punished Israel to wander the desert for 40 years until the generation of the spies died out. Scriptures state that the people realized what they did and tried to take the land by force. When they went up to try and conquer the land [without God's assistance] they were slaughtered. This is the rationale for the anti-Zionist movement, not because they don't believe God gave Israel to the Jews, but they believe that we should wait until God himself brings us to the land. Lastly, the nation of Israel is supposed to live by the moral laws of the Torah as a "constitution". The current state of Israel is a democracy that uses Jewish values as the basis for the state however it is a secular government and does not impose Jewish religious rule on anyone. Stores are open on Shabbat and people are not forced to live by strict religious rule. Today we call this a "Theocracy" and Israel is far from this. The Jewish anti-Zionist's actually want a strict theocracy before Israel is repatriated. They believe that every Jew living in Israel must follow all the commandments as a requirement to re-populating the land. Since the current state of Israel is a secular democracy, they are against the Israeli government and any Jew who lives in Israel and does not follow strict Torah law. Most non-Jews do not understand the internal battle between the different Jewish sects and assume that because some religious Jews are against Israel, it is for the same reasons the anti-semites are and nothing can be further from the truth."